Techsmart moments India — 26/1

Nudge Foundation — Illiterate to literate
  1. Nudge Foundation launches incubator for non-profit start-ups.
  2. American Technology giant Microsoft has reinstated the role of CTO after 17 years and appointed LinkedIn’s Senior VP of Infrastructure, Kevin Scott.
  3. Two Engineering heads Hari Vasudev and Ashish Agrawal quit Flipkart. At least 12 leaders at the 2nd highest executive rank have quit Flipkart in the past 12 months!
  4. US President Donald Trump calls India a TRUE FRIEND.
  5. Pune cops launch ‘Beat Marshall Monitoring’ Mobile app to map real-time locations of patrolling teams.
  6. Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) launches co-working space ISDI Ace.
  7. US President Donald Trump has warned business leaders that he would slap a “substantial border tax” on American firms that set up manufacturing bases abroad.
  8. Boeing’s engineering, technology center opens in Bengaluru.
  9. Bharti Airtel Q3 profit slides 54% to Rs504 crore as price war with Jio bites and demonetization.
  10. India to have fastest tech spending in Asia Pacific, to grow by 12% in 2017.

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