The worst part about programming…

…is realizing how impotent we are.

Everything is so completely and utterly broken. There is not enough time to fix all the stupid stuff we run into on a daily basis, and most companies and people don’t even care about the science and knowledge that exists around producing better software.

And even when you work in an environment where everything is done the right away, creating correct software that’s actually useful and easy to use, is anything but a repeatable process.

Eventually you realize that the stuff you made sucks too and you’ve just contributed to the chaos you hate so much.


This is what my brain looks like on a bad day.

I’ve actually made a bunch of stuff that has survived the test of time, and I still feel good about. I also enjoy programming and problem solving. A lot!

But sometimes, I just want to burn every single line of code ever written.

My heart goes out to everybody else out there, trying to create stuff. Don’t get discouraged. I think we can all agree it’s not easy.

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