An unforgettable experience of Techstars APAC Summit 2018 I will cherish forever

Firstly, I would like to thank each member of the Techstars APAC team (Oko D, Matthieu, Lalitha, Anurag, Farah, Felix, and Bronze) for considering me as an alumni guest and inviting me again to join APAC Summit 2018 held in this beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand.

Techstars APAC Summit
Techstars APAC Team

The past 4 days filled with community events held for more than 150 startup weekend organizers and facilitators within APAC regions have been absolutely wonderful. I’m sure you all will agree with me when I say that we have tremendously learned from each other. More importantly, we have been inspired by each other.

Group Photo from APAC Summit Participants in 2018

On the first day of Techstars APAC Summit 2018, we had Jennifer Cabala, the Vice President of the startup community, Techstars, sharing her motivational views on how important a community is, and how to it can be strengthened into a stronger community. We had other inspirational community leaders share where they came from and other information regarding the current situation of their startup ecosystem. Amongst them were the notable Special VIPs from Google For Entrepreneur as well as our lovely partners Hubba Thailand who talked about their support and encouragement for startup ecosystems promoting creativity and innovation.

Terry Gold, the Managing Director from Techstars Adelaide program in Australia was also there to share his inspirational entrepreneurial journey with us, down to every single detail of his program and his startup.

I personally found a quote from Zhabdrung mentioned by Dr. Tshering Cigay Dorji, the organizer for startup weekend, to be extremely insightful.

“If the government cannot create happiness for its people, there is no purpose for the government to exist.” This quote reminded me of the important happiness in life and how I should try to keep my team and family happy.

Dr. Tshering Cigay Dorji and me

Mr. Arun Philip was there to teach us another meaningful lesson. We had a lesson about entering the blockchain aka DIM-SUM. Now you must be wondering what this means? Thanks to Arun Philip’s helpful teaching methods, I found it extremely easy to understand about blockchain.

D stands for database, I is for immutable, M for Millions, S for secure, U for uneditable and M is for miners.

Arun Philip and me

At the end of the day, Mr. David Brown, our co-CEO and co-founder of Techstars conducted an AMA session. I will say that one thing Mr. Brown said struck me the most. He mentioned that he sleeps around 8–10 hours, which helps him in his creativity and innovation. I think that his good sleeping habit is what helped him to be a successful entrepreneur and good problem solver.

David Brown, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Techstars

A heartfelt thanks for our partners from AWS, without whom we wouldn’t have found a host for our boat cruising. The view of the city of Bangkok was mesmerizing. I especially enjoyed us all dancing together. I hope that someday, I can learn Indian style dances as you all must have witnessed, I can’t dance well at all.

DAY 2,

The next day, we had a sharing session where I talked about “Public Speaking with Shark Attacks”. I thank all the organizers who joined my session, though I did feel embarrassed to share my Techstars demo day pitch video with everyone.

My sharing session

I would like to share a brief summary of my session, just in case there are some of you present here who missed it.

1. Use positive terms: for example, instead of using the word cheap, you could say cost-effective or price competitive

2. Be well prepared: It goes without saying that you should practice until you start to speak naturally.

3. Include music and slides: It’s a show, so you want people to think of topics and laugh with you. If your speech is not in your mother language, take the help of a native who can check the grammar and sentence structure.

4. Print out your script and make notes where you need to take a pause.

Techstars APAC Summit 2018 is an awesome event to find out all about what community leaders achieved in 2018 and what are their plans for 2019.

I am extremely excited about their upcoming events.

A big thanks to Techstars for hosting us at an amazing restaurant where melodious music was playing. We had an awesome dinner where everyone talked and shared stories.

Day 3

On the third and final day, we had an interesting activity taken place. We were separated in groups of three. Each participant was given 5 minutes to share his or her story and problems. After hearing the story, the other two individuals were asked to discuss and define the real problem and come up with a potential solution. In the end, each participant gave their feedback as to what they learnt from the discussion.

Small group to listen and give feedback

This activity proved to be helpful for all of us. Not only did we learn how to share our problems, but also how to be a good listener.

In the afternoon, we were given a lesson on meditation and how it helps make our body and soul feel revitalized. This was a new and special experience for me since I had never meditated before that day. I came to realize how relaxed and refreshed I felt afterward. From now onwards, I will make it my habit to meditate before going to sleep every day.

After these 3 eventful days full of learning, I was able to put my business and life into perception.

I thank everyone who joined my sessions and helped me make good memories.

Polaroid Wall with all friends from APAC region

I sincerely hope to see you all in 2019!

I would like to give a special thanks to all my lovely Indian friends. I really enjoyed our deep and meaningful conversations about culture, Startup community and entrepreneurship. Thank you for making this trip full of unforgettable memories and a big thank you for the lovely gift I will cherish forever.

Jatin Kataria and me
Great midnight talk with lovely Indian friends :)