PillPack: Acquired By Amazon for A Billion

Google “PillPack.” Go ahead, we’ll wait.

No, actually, don’t do that, because you’ll never navigate back to us. You’ll just keep digging deeper into the ramifications of Amazon’s nearly $1 billion dollar acquisition of PillPack, and the potential industry disruption it may signal.

Instead, let us reminisce about Techstars Class 22, when PillPack founders TJ Parker and Elliot Cohen came through the Techstars mentorship-driven accelerator program. The company literally got its start there, according to TJ, “In February 2013, the same day we started in Techstars, we started the company.”

Where did PillPack’s first funding come from? TJ says, “We raised about $500k during Techstars and another $3.5 million during Demo Day, totaling about $4 million during the course of the program.”

We’re incredibly happy to follow along with PillPack’s accomplishments — how they raised $117 million from Seed to Series D. We love seeing strong teams leverage Techstars’ mentorship, funding, and our worldwide network to grow in huge leaps over the course of our mentorship-driven accelerator programs, and then go on to achieve meaningful scale and shake up industries, just like TJ and Elliot are doing right now.

Techstars’ co-founder David Cohen wrote:

“It’s always such an honor to be able to use Techstars’ worldwide network to help entrepreneurs succeed. Congratulations to TJ and Elliot, and thank you for letting all of us here at Techstars be part of your journey thus far!”

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