From automotive industry to connected devices: innovation lessons from industry leaders

IoT is one of the most thriving verticals in term of new technologies. Until now, around the world there are 20.35B devices installed, and the number is estimated to grow up to 30.73B by 2020. Connected devices are an improved way to experience the digital world, bringing it one step closer to reality. Today we will talk about a product designed for smart electro-mobility.

If you are a bicycle enthusiasts, there is this cool vehicle created by Continental, leader in the automotive industry, present on the market for more than a century. It’s called eBike and it makes traveling easier and more comfortable. And what’s even cooler is that the project is developed locally, at Continental Sibiu.

We asked Dr. Sami Krimi, the General Manager of Continental Sibiu about the challenges they have encountered when developing this product and their expectations for it.

“We are technically challenged to find optimal solutions for a more compact, lighter in weight and more silent system but at the same time more powerful and complex than the ones existing on the market.”

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Among these products we can name intelligent braking system, high technology driver assistance systems and more. Since eBike is a revolutionary product, designed on IoT technology, our next question was if they plan to develop similar projects.

“Yes, we are working on creating similar projects, some of them are just ideas at this stage, and others are already in development. We cannot offer more details about these innovations. eMobility is a main focus for Continental in the coming years because our colleagues generate growth for system solutions with our pioneering software.” added Dr. Sami Krimi.

This is the first time when Continental Sibiu partners with Techsylvania. Our partners’ opinions matter to us and this is why we asked Dr. Sami Krimi about his expectations for this year’s edition.

“We are willing to promote the interesting projects existing in Continental Sibiu, on which IT, software, hardware and mechanics specialists are working on.

We want to show that there are challenging and attractive activities within the automotive industry and that those come in pairs with a young and dynamic working environment and many benefits in terms of career development and work-life balance.

Moreover, we are confident that the event will settle the right frame to share ideas and know-how.”

Thank you Dr. Sami Krimi and the Continental Sibiu team for your time to answer our questions and for your support. We hope this year’s edition of Techsylvania will exceed your expectations!

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