How to get the best ROI of an event sponsorship

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The event market has significantly increased for the last few years, offering opportunities for brands to reach new audiences. On the other side of the table, the exposure is just as important — and this is why the organizers make efforts to shape the events with the audience in mind.

In this article we want to share from the experience that we earned while running the past three editions of Techsylvania on how supporting an event can benefit not just the partners, but their organizations and the industry as a whole.

#1: understand the needs of the community

One of the best ways to take the pulse of the local community is to get out there. Imagine this like a market research survey performed in person. Social interactions allows you to get the big picture in your industry, as long as the event’s audience enfolds your brand’s audience. What do people know about your brand? What kind of jobs do current specialists seek? Does your product or service meet the expectations of your consumers? FYI, networking is still on.

#2: create a hands-on product experience

We find this approach inventive, too, but hey, it’s 2017.

Make room for creativity, innovation, technology or whatever helps you to get from just displaying your product to actually creating an experience for the people that are interested in testing it.

#3: get those leads

Event organizers do what they know best: captivate the attention of the audience. Build on that. Despite the fact that they also spread the word about your participation, you can almost double the results if you do it on your brand’s marketing channels, too. Communicate with your audience before, during and after the event and most importantly, let them know where and when to find you.

#4: educate, entertain, influence

More than 2500 people have attended our Techsylvania events so far, spending 1 to 4 entire days in the event venue. Besides the fact that there is a huge potential for networking, the second best thing you can do is to engage in meaningful conversations. Debunk myths. Display your expertise. Have fun!

#5: support the local industry talent

We all know that finding the right people does not happen overnight. Or after an event — well sometimes it does, but it’s not a rule we can swear by. However, an event can be the perfect occasion to display a little bit of what makes your company the way it is and inspire others to consider jumping aboard. For example, if your company culture is strong, let others know that. But what if we switch the optics? Is there a young Physics Olympic looking for support to attend an international competition? Or how about that hackathon that wants to reward its best teams? Get involved.

If you want to support the 4th edition of Techsylvania, we want to meet you. Don’t know how? Feel free to reach out to our colleague Vlad Ciurca at

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