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At Techsylvania we believe that we have the power to discover, learn and shape the future a little bit each year, edition after edition. Technology is transforming the world and we’ve embarked on a mission to help, connect and inspire people who are at the heart of this change.

With this purpose in mind, Techsylvania is launching Startup Alley. 20 startups from across the globe will have the opportunity to showcase their products or services during the 2019 event.

With over 3.000 attendees and 50+ world known speakers, Techsylvania’s Startup Alley is the place to be. We call it the heart of the future inside Techsylvania.

Why Exhibit as a startup at Techsylvania 2019?

Besides the opportunity to showcase the startup at one of the leading technology events in Eastern Europe, every member of the team will have the chance to interact with thousands of potential customers, business partners, investors and founders.

During the first five editions, investors managing venture capital funds over $10 billion joined the event. Only in 2018, investors who managed funds of $3 billion came to Cluj-Napoca due to Techsylvania.

What’s included in the Startup Alley Exhibitor Package?

Participation to Techsylvania Startup Alley is open to startups with less than 10 employees and have a product to showcase. It is also the perfect place for launching a new product.

Participation benefits include:

  • 2 Premium tickets to Techsylvania;
  • Exhibition Space for 2 days (June 10/11) — 4 sqm;
  • Cocktail table

Please fill in this form until May 10 and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Exhibit, network and acquire key business know how from investors and founders. This is our advice for young entrepreneurs looking for a place to showcase the product they’ve worked at. Places are limited so you should hurry up and reserve a spot.

All the startups that want to apply should fill in this form until April 30 and the Techsylvania team we will get in touch as soon as possible.

In addition to all of these, Techsylvania has top notch content, satellite events, Q&A sessions, workshops and executive roundtables. And speaking about content, we’ve confirmed some amazing speakers for the 6th edition. This is just the beginning!

Ion Stoica, co-founder of Databricks

He is also co-initiator of Apache Spark and professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Don’t miss the unique chance of meeting the mastermind behind the unified analytics engine for big data processing used by millions of developers around the world at Techsylvania, in June.

Adam Jackson, co-founder and CEO of Braintrust

The co-founder of Doctor On Demand, the platform that provides video visits with board-certified physicians via smartphone, tablet, and PC and has raised $162 million in venture capital is coming to Techsylvania 2019. Adam Jackson is the co-founder and CEO of Braintrust, the first blockchain powered freelancer marketplace owned by its users.

Ajey Gore, CTO at GO-JEK

Representing one of Asia’s biggest technology companies, valued at $9.5 billion, Ajey Gore is coming to Techsylvania. As a CTO he is helping GoJek deliver a transport, logistics, lifestyle and payments platform, offering 18 products. Started as a motorcycle ride-hailing phone service in Indonesia, GO-JEK has since evolved to provide on-demand transport and lifestyle services that move the city. The company operates in over 50 cities across Southeast Asia.

Techsylvania 2019 is taking place between June 8 –11 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


Leading Technology Event in Eastern Europe. Connected Devices Hackathon, Technology & Innovation Conference. Startup Avalanche


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Techsylvania is the leading technology event in EE. Connected Devices Hackathon, 2-Day Technology & Innovation Conference. Startup Avalanche. June 8–11, 2019


Leading Technology Event in Eastern Europe. Connected Devices Hackathon, Technology & Innovation Conference. Startup Avalanche

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