The New Year Brings a Brand New Identity for Techsylvania

Dec 31, 2015 · 3 min read

As the New Year brings new challenges, changes and a lot of plans to fulfill, we unravel our new identity, marking the way to a fresh experience for all tech enthusiasts. In the following lines we will share with you the story of our new visual identity and set your hopes for the next edition of Techsylvania.

If you happen to be one of the participants of the 1st and 2nd edition of our event, you most probably had the chance to see the event growing and defining along the way. Therefore, this year is all about laying Techsylvania on firm grounds, while developing some areas and emphasizing on each one of you, the key-factors for this event.

Hence, the new identity takes on a more mature note, establishing the foundations for the long run and preserving the spirit of the event. But, before unveiling the new identity, let us linger one moment with the old one.

Vivid colours, the iconic brackets and a dynamic, legere look & feel were the main points for the previous identities of our event. We have welcomed almost 400 people at the very first edition and by the second one, the audience was twice as big. This has influenced us to rise our expectations in every aspect of the event.

We needed to express the fact that our team, along with the entire event has gone through an unprecedented expansion, that Techsylvania is growing bigger and bolder, but at the same time it keeps it simple, focusing on the needs of each one of the participants.

Pasted image at 2015_12_30 11_04 PM-1
Pasted image at 2015_12_30 11_04 PM-1

The logo keeps the triangular shapes of the bracket, while adding a T-shaped structure and thus, more power to the new identity. Its modularity offers room to even further develop the event concept.

We know that we wouldn’t have evolved without the contribution of the participants, supporters, advisors and the team. Briefly, it is created to say

With more than 100 sketches drawn, the new identity also strikes for what the event is all about — bringing the top-notch in the industry, in order sustain a continuously evolving community that can make an impact on the local and international scene.

Pasted image at 2015_12_30 11_04 PM-2
Pasted image at 2015_12_30 11_04 PM-2

Of course, the new identity is just a small part of the things we have prepared for you this year. Let us call it a sneak-peak for the upcoming surprises that await. So, stay tuned for more about the 3rd edition of Techsylvania and do mark the dates — 21st-24th of May 2016!


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