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Wanted: promising Eastern European Startup

Techsylvania is less than one month away and the preparations are in full swing. Meanwhile, we want to tell you about a cool project during the event we kept secret until now: Techsylvania Startups Showcase.

Whether you have previously attended Techsylvania or just heard about it, you know it is composed of three parts: the conference, hackathon and Startup Avalanche. This year, we want to put startups in the spotlight even more.

What is Startups Showcase?

During the conference, one startup will receive a booth in the main hall of the event, where they can showcase their products in front of all Techsylvania attendees.

Besides the exhibit booth, you will receive an invitation to the official Techsylvania dinner where you will have the chance to network with our speakers, partners and personalities on the international tech scene, and VIP tickets to the conference. All prizes worth more than 2000EUR.

Why you should attend?

First of all, when Techsylvania was born, its main desire was to act as a facilitator between the local community and top international speakers, with its focus on the startup ecosystem. We are interested in new and great ideas that are in Eastern Europe, therefore we want to draw attention to them.

Secondly, the event has become an annual gathering of tech and business enthusiasts who share their experiences, helping each other grow.

How to apply

You have a cool, staggering product? Fill this form until June, 1st. We will announce the winner between the 5th and 8th of June.

Important notice:

  • Romanian and Eastern European startups will have priority — however, we do not exclude those who are founded outside of the region
  • We are rather looking for a hardware product or a software program that can be tested through an external device

Jury criterias:

  • Companies that already have customers or leads;
  • Products that are oriented towards innovation;
  • The startup has a chance for scaling.

Besides the cool exhibits you’ll see at Techsylvania, you’ll also have the chance to meet prestigious speakers, play with the latest gadgets and to network for four days, with entrepreneurs, experts and founders. Find more details on our website.




Leading Technology Event in Eastern Europe.

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Techsylvania is the leading technology event in EE. June 20–23, 2020

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