Explanation of PoL Token and How to Use the Blockchain

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4 min readApr 5, 2021


PoL Token play an important role in realizing the “Proof of Learning” algorithm, which is the origin of the PoL name. In this blog, I will briefly explain PoL tokens and how to use the blockchain in PoL.

Table of Contents

  • Explanation of the PoL Token
  • How to use the blockchain in PoL

Explanation of the PoL Token

PoL is a free online learning service for crypto and blockchain. We aim to achieve a state where you only need to learn PoL, and provide a comprehensive and systematic curriculum for learning crypto and blockchain.

PoL tokens are given to users as they study the PoL curriculum. We call this mechanism “Proof of Learning” and define it uniquely as “Proof of Knowledge by Learning History”.

The more you learn, the more PoL tokens you earn, so the more PoL tokens you have, the more you learn. PoL tokens can be earned across all PoL curriculums, and the amount of PoL tokens earned varies depending on the difficulty of the curriculum, test scores, and how many tokens other users have earned.

PoL tokens are limited to use within the PoL platform, and PoL provides two types of functionality for the tokens.

  • Visualization of the learning process that cannot be tampered with
  • Rights to access further learning opportunities

Visualization of the learning process

The first is to tokenize (digitize) the learning of PoL users, so that they can focus on the process and incorporate it into the service. By digitizing the learning process, we will be able to assess behaviors and skills that could not be assessed by academic background or test scores alone.

In addition, by tokenizing learning, it is possible to manage it in a blockchain. This makes it possible to evaluate the learning behavior of individuals in a way that is extremely difficult for third parties to tamper with. It is also expected to be a great solution to the international problems of degree fraud and research data fraud.

Visualizing this learning process is the PoL Verify Token (PVT). The PVT is a token to visualize the learning process, which will be converted into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and managed in the blockchain (Ethereum).

This PVT will never decrease. It will continue to increase through learning.

Creating more learning opportunities

The second is a system that allows learning to lead to further learning opportunities. PoL tokens earned by learning PoL’s free curriculum can be used in the paid curriculum. In this way, we will create a system where individuals who have nothing yet can access a variety of growth opportunities starting from learning.

The PoL Payment Token (PPT) will enable the creation of this further learning opportunity. PPT will grow in the same amount as the PVT through learning. Unlike PVT, it is a token used for payment, so it decreases as it is used. The channels for acquiring PoL tokens and their uses will be expanded in the future.

How to use the blockchain in PoL

The blockchain will be used to issue PoL tokens, but PoL will also make use of the blockchain in other ways.

PoL’s mission is “Support individual’s career and make the world a place where people live with freedom”. And to realize our vision, “Do what you want, when you want , in the place you like, with who you like, in the way you like”, we are working on the daily operation of our service.

This mission is based on our desire to create a society where those who work hard are properly evaluated and rewarded for their efforts. In order to achieve this, we need a system that can manage the data of “what each individual has done well” in a way that cannot be falsified.

We place particular importance on learning behavior, and want to create a world where individuals can manage their own learning data. To create this world, blockchain is indispensable. Specifically, the learning history of individuals will be recorded in a blockchain. The data recorded in the blockchain is not managed by a third party and is not subject to tampering, so it can be managed completely by oneself.

Globally, services that use blockchain to issue and manage certificates of completion and graduation to prove learning behavior have emerged. However, if the learning data that is the basis of the certificate or diploma is incorrect or altered, the blockchain becomes meaningless.

This is called the “Oracle problem,” and a solution has been developed as one of the major issues facing blockchain (no relation to Oracle Corporation). Blockchains are great at protecting the data they record, but they are no good if the data they record is incorrect in the first place.

In PoL, we decided to address this oracle problem by issuing tokens for users’ learning behavior. The issued tokens will be recorded in the blockchain, so that the user’s learning behavior will be automatically recorded in the blockchain without any third party. We have also developed a mechanism to issue certificates of completion based on the automatically recorded learning data.

We believe that this kind of system will allow individuals to manage their own learning data in a truly accurate manner. In the future, we plan to record various types of learning data on the blockchain in addition to PoL.

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