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Visiting a bank branch for money deposits and checkbook issues is a thing of the past.

What was once crucial for a bank to attract and retain customers, such as a well-maintained office, friendly tellers, and short queues, has now lost some of its relevance.

Instead, the focus has shifted towards the convenience of depositing checks through mobile phones, fast-loading websites, and user-friendly interfaces.

In fact, many banks like Revolut, Currensea, MoneyLion, and more solely operate via a digital ecosystem.

As per a report by the ABA, 87% of financial institutions with assets ranging from $50 million to $15 billion have created and launched their own mobile banking applications.

As customers increasingly embrace digital technology, banks must adopt new standards and practices in the digital realm to effectively engage their virtual clientele.

This is where it gets critical to design a perfect UX for customer touchpoints. And one such touchpoint is the Banking Apps.

To enhance the user experience, it is crucial to include key features for fintech applications. These features encompass seamless onboarding, secure authentication, payment integration, budgeting and expense tracking, personalized recommendations, and more.

Let’s understand how you can offer the best digital banking experience for your customers via apps.

9 Actionable UX Design Tips for Digital Banking Applications

To create a successful banking user experience (UX) design, it is essential to start with user research conducted by a dedicated design team.

By understanding the needs and preferences of customers, the team can ensure a well-tailored design.

Additionally, ongoing testing and iteration of products and services based on customer feedback are crucial for maintaining a high-quality UX in the banking industry.

Below are the 9 UX design tips for a successful digital banking apps user experience

1) Communicate Regulations Clearly
2) Make it Easy to Onboard
3) Personalize for Users
4) Keep it Simple
5) Embedded Customer Support
6) Offer Self Service
7) Provide Real-time Feedback
8) Keep it Consistent
9) Streamline Payment Workflows

Let’s learn in details about these 9 UX tips for digital banking apps.



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