10 Ghanaian Innovations That Could Change The Way We Do Things.

The Ghanaian technology industry is experiencing a pretty good revolution. More startups are springing up day in day out with latest innovations to help ease the way we live life.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 amazing innovations that are doing pretty well and helping Ghanaians keep up with the digital era.

The following innovations aren’t necessarily the best or better than any of the others you might not read in this article.

Yenkor Mobile

Yenkor Mobile is Transforming the way people travel and commute. Through their carpooling, people can get transportation in a cheaper, greener, friendlier and more efficient way in Ghana. Drivers can offer rides to passengers going in their direction for an agreed fee. Passengers can also hail a ride from our mobile app, which is currently been developed. In addition, taxi service operators/drivers have access to the auction system on which they can not only just bid for rides but also post their destinations and trade jobs when they are busy all from the Yenkor App.


mPedigree is a global leader in the use of mobile and web technologies in securing products against faking, counterfeiting and diversion.


A suite of applications and financial services that lower the cost of drugs for patients.

McAbe Solutions

McAbe Solutions is an information technology company based in Accra, Ghana. They provide IT services to startups, companies as well as small and medium scale enterprises whose size does not justify hiring the services of full time IT personnel.

Maptech Solutions

MapTech Logistics Limited is a technology company, incorporated in Ghana, with focus on developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based applications to solve business problems relating to logistics and supply chain management.

Travel To Ghana

Travel to Ghana is an app that seeks to bring real African Tourism and Hospitality to Mobile Phone Users. It is a single platform that takes travellers/tourists and Business Executives to all attractions and destinations; book for hotel; buy airline tickets; order food from the nearest restaurants and rent cars for all movements in while they are in Ghana

Open CloudGH

Cloud Software system. Provides secure Cloud Storage Systems.

Asoriba app

Asoriba is a web based church management application designed to enable effective church administration for leaders, seamless engagement with members.

Pasco App

The application that is targeted at students, mainly tertiary undergrads, provides students with the access to past examination questions that could help them prepare adequately for their exams. It is available only on KNUST campus for now.


The new innovation called Jayslaundry helps you book laundry services online and choose a convenient pick-up and drop-off time.

We will bring you a comprehensive profile on each innovation. Follow our sequence.

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