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Introducing the New Director of TechTogether Atlanta, Eryn Gautier

Eryn Gautier, Chapter Co-Director of TechTogether Atlanta
Photo of Eryn Gautier, Chapter Director of TechTogether Atlanta

Hi there! My name is Eryn Gautier and I am a Director for TechTogether Atlanta 2021. I’m a Computer Science and Psychology double major at Mount Holyoke College. Despite coordinating this event from home, I am extremely excited to make this hackathon an amazing experience for our entire community.

I joined the TechTogether Atlanta team because of my prior experience with TechTogether New York along with my passion for providing women and underrepresented groups an amazing opportunity to show their hacking prowess. If you are interested in joining one of our organizing teams or participating in an event as a mentor, workshop, or judge, you can find more information at

I am most excited about the chance to see new faces (on screen), and being able to direct a TechTogether hackathon for the first time! Virtual hackathons come with new challenges, but we are more than ready to make sure everyone can engage in new learning experiences while having several opportunities to participate in whatever capacity they’d like! I personally am proud of our commitment to online assistance and hacking resources.

Each of TechTogether’s hackathons is unique and have the ability to help even experienced hackers broaden their perspective on coding techniques. I love this aspect of hackathons because it unites those at every level of coding, bringing everyone under the same creative banner.

My first hackathon was extremely hectic considering I had the flu, my best friend had a serious concussion, and we were a good distance from home! Despite what seemed like insurmountable odds, we managed to win the Best in Financial Independence challenge that year. This proved to me that I can still accomplish so much even when everything seems to be going wrong.

Hackathons often seem intimidating up until the moment you actually do it. We highly encourage first-time hackers to attend these online hackathons because there is no better time than the present. The TechTogether community is very tight-knit and genuinely wants to support you the whole way, so we hope to see you at one of our events!

I love to dance! Dancing has been a passion of mine and I have competed as well as performed in a few dance teams. I am even currently taking an online hip hop class just to keep that fire in my weekly routine. Other than that, creativity is extremely important to me, so I’ve been trying to pick up some new creative outlets while everything is still virtual. I’ve even learned a little bit of calligraphy during one of our workshop activities at TechTogether New York!

If you had asked me what my goals are for this next hackathon, I would tell you that we have been working all season on finding which platforms work best for our hackers and the general community. We’ve been working hard to make sure everyone has access to everything they need in order to have the best experience. We are continuously working on making sure everything we use for our events is accessible, safe, and effective. Our hackers are our top priority!

I hope that the hackers make the most of this experience and create something truly amazing that they can be proud of by the end of the weekend. I am so excited to see everyone at our Atlanta chapter’s first annual hackathon!!

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