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Fostering a Safer Community 2022 Update

Dear Techtonica Community,

Two years ago, with Techtonica mostly serving BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color), we committed to taking action to foster a more supportive, anti-racist community. It is more clear than ever that this journey is important and worthwhile. As part of this commitment, over the last year, we continued with the changes made the year before, including holding weekly staff meetings to address any safety concerns quickly, brainstorm new ideas, and make steady progress towards our goals. In the last year, these meetings have led to:

  • Implementing WRAPs — Wellness Recovery Action Plans, a trauma-informed tool

We’re especially pleased about:

  • The cohort learning to give feedback using the feedback formula (factual observation + impact + questions to understand/pause to listen + request) and using that everywhere

Last week, one participant wrote in the weekly survey, “Techtonica has done a great job at preparing me technically and personally for what’s ahead. I struggled all my life with imposter syndrome and I’m happy to say that I feel mostly alleviated from that. I’m sure there will be a moment it will return, but I know what resources to use to overcome that and how to find a supportive community to keep helping me with my growth.”

Another participant, when asked about her Techtonica experience overall, said, “In one word, life-changing. Amazing, in a good way. It’s been great. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

With our largest cohort starting in July, we want to provide the same quality experience. To that end, we have done significant planning and expanded the hours of our part-time administrative assistant. We will continue to gather feedback, examine the effect our practices have, and iterate as needed. Some of the things we are planning include:

  • Having more staff and cohort get-to-know-yous and one-on-ones pre-program

We also have an 11-page list of smaller ideas we are working on, and with the creativity of staff, participants, mentors, board members, volunteers, and other community members, we’re sure there will be even more.

Thank you to our wonderfully-supportive Techtonica community — your dedication, feedback, and contributions are incredibly helpful and appreciated.





Free tech training and job placement for local women and non-binary adults in need.

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Free tech training and job placement for local women and non-binary adults in need. Fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund.