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Our first cohort of 2019 is ready for placement with our sponsors!

After five months of full-time learning at Techtonica, our apprentices, who are all Bay Area women of color, are ready to be matched with hiring companies before they spend one last month preparing to join their new teams! Each apprentice has a unique story and has built a full-stack JavaScript app, and all share a genuine passion to #BridgeTheTechGap. Read on to be inspired!

Yuridia (she/her)

Bio: Yuridia loves coding and design because she can think of things, build them, and bring them to real life. Prior to Techtonica, she studied Java programming as part of the engineering and computer science program at City College of San Francisco. She also learned about hardware and basic coding as part of her technical training in Mission Techies in San Francisco. With basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript she developed a tracker and attendance web app, and free websites for San Francisco small local businesses. Yuridia’s main focus right now is full-stack JavaScript and her goal is to become a software engineer because she wants to be part of the movement to close the gap of women and diversity in technology.

Project name: ICROSSLAND

Project description: ICROSSLAND tracks your favorite stocks, their daily real-time data, their history open and close data, and what others are tracking.

APIs used:

Hardest part of building your project: Integrating Auth0 for user authentication and implementing secure routes in both the front-end and in my Node Express backend.

Also, coding the functionality for the tracking button so it can be accessible from the different components, and uplift the state to main component so actions can be done in the user interface as well as in the database without refreshing the page.

Favorite part of building your project: Building an end-to-end project with user authentication, real data applicable to the real world, MongoDB connected to my database, and the experience of bringing it to life by deploying to Heroku.

Yuridia was placed at Indeed.

Oubah (she/her)

Bio: Oubah has always been very interested in entrepreneurship. When she was a teen, she opened a small convenience shop in her home country (Somaliland). When Oubah migrated to America 7 years ago, she considered doing math in college, but decided that she actually wanted to try out and pursue her true passion: entrepreneurship. She invented a product in July 2018. As she was drafting a business plan for her business idea, she recognized she needed an online store where she could sell the product directly to the consumer. She thought about hiring a web developer, but realized it was expensive to hire a software engineer and couldn’t afford one. She decided to bootstrap and teach herself to code. She took the leap and joined Techtonica in January 2019.

Project name: E-Commerce App

Project description: Fashion e-commerce store

APIs used: Custom Rest API

Hardest part of building your project: Unit testing

Favorite part of building your project: Turning my goal of building an e-commerce app into reality — I enjoyed every bit of it.

Oubah was placed at Pantheon.

Liliana (she/her)

Bio: Prior to Techtonica, Liliana was a teacher’s assistant at Berkeley City College for the class Introduction to Web. Liliana helped students learn CSS and HTML. As a professional graphic designer in Mexico City and Northern California Liliana has been responsible for a wide variety of projects. Her experience has included print packaging through developing retail products. Working with clients Liliana has been hired to use her graphic design and add coding for various websites. Liliana has discovered the beauty in the relationship between design and coding. A single word that Liliana uses to describe the opportunity Techtonica has given is fortunate. Without Techtonica Liliana would not have reached her potential or met other professionals in the field.

Project name: Leave by

Project description: A web app to help manage tasks and time. This app is different from other apps because it helps tracking of the time of repetitive tasks with a timer and that way the user can know how long is taking to complete them and how much is improving with a final report. The focus of the app is helping the user to build better habits with a mindful time tracking.

APIs used: Auth0 and three different databases using foreign keys in PostgreSQL

Hardest part of building your project: The hardest part was adding the user Auth0 because I had to change the original wireframe prototype and made big changes on the router. Documentation was almost null.

Favorite part of building your project: All the process from start to finish and the opportunity to see the complexity behind simple ideas. I had a lot of changes, but I learned a lot!

Liliana was placed at Indeed.

Lian (she/her)

Bio: Lian has a degree in Art Education from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. After graduating, she moved to San Francisco without any technical skills, but with dreams of working in tech. For years, Lian worked in Customer Support and Operations in startups of all shapes and sizes, from fashion to autonomous vehicles, and fintech. While she loved working in tech, she wanted a role that was more fulfilling and impactful. After completing Techtonica’s inaugural apprenticeship, she interned at Colark, a small startup making developer tools, where she made their frontend site using React and GraphQL ( She found she loved working with a team and collaborating on design.

Project name: City-Ruler

Project description: If you’re traveling or just curious, you can compare the size of two cities!

APIs used: Mapbox

Hardest part of building your project: Figuring out how to use Mapbox’s API to get the maps to render.

Favorite part of building your project: Seeing it grow from an idea to an actual site people can use.

Lian was placed at Autonomic.

Kelly (her/she)

Bio: Upon graduating college on the east coast, Kelly bought a one way ticket to California in hopes of finding a job in basically any industry and role. She was lucky enough to find a role as a support representative at a food delivery startup. A few months in, while deciding if she would stay in the Bay or move back to New York City, that company got acquired and she moved to San Francisco and was exposed to what life at a tech company was like. Climbing the ranks and eventually becoming a financial fraud analyst, she started to become curious about what was happening behind each analysis and decision. Instead of clicking buttons, she was interested in how to make them. Techtonica was Kelly’s introduction to coding as she’d never touched any languages prior. Though proud of all that she’s learned these past few months she is excited to keep learning and honing in her skills in hopes of one day attaining a role as a Developer Evangelist.

Project name: Where Was That Filmed?

Project description: Film and Television buffs alike can now view where each of their favorite titles were filmed in San Francisco.

APIs used:, Google JavaScript, Geocode

Hardest part of building your project: One of the hardest parts of building my project was working with the data gathered from and having to sanitize it so that when the location string was passed to the Geocode API it would produce the latitudes and longitudes in bounds of San Francisco. The other was trying to get marker clustering to work in React.

Favorite part of building your project: I enjoyed planning my project.

Kelly was placed at Kintone.

Karolina (she/her)

Bio: Karolina worked as a case manager, providing services to survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence for 6 years. She was interested in the intersection of tech and social good and was excited to learn that there were so many opportunities to create and help build technology that can have a positive impact. After attending a “Coding 101” workshop she realized that she had unknowingly been coding back in the Myspace days and made a commitment to herself to continue learning. While searching for free online resources she discovered the huge non-traditional developer community on Twitter where she also learned about Techtonica. She is passionate about open-source and is looking forward to contributing to more projects.

Project name: Commute Buddy

Project description: Provides multiple options to get the user to their destination and sends real-time updates via text if there are any delays. Notification options include: traffic, special events, transit delays, and weather updates.

APIs used: Google Maps, Twilio

Hardest part of building your project: Learning about Google Maps and creating the requests to give the user the most accurate information.

Favorite part of building your project: Learning something new every time that my app broke. It feels incredible to be able to get something working from scratch and seeing other people interact with it.

Karolina was placed at Agari, where she worked on Ruby on Rails apps, tested with RSpec, refactored code to make it DRY and easy to read, and collaborated with designers to improve user experience.

Isabelle (she/her)

Bio: Isabelle Yiu was a local journalist for six years. She dabbled in programming out of curiosity in 2018. Over the course of self-learning, she realized that she could use programming to create solutions for some of the issues that she had been writing about. That led her to start her coding journey with Techtonica. She is passionate and eager to continue making a social impact by using technology as her new tool, especially to benefit the low-income and immigrant community.

Project name: Housing Alert

Project description: Housing Alert is a web app and a free, SMS-based service that aims to close the digital divide by making the process of finding and applying to affordable housing accessible for people who don’t have internet service or don’t know how to use the internet.

Built-with: Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, React, CSS, Bootstrap

APIs used: Twilio, Google+, DAHLIA San Francisco Housing Portal

Hardest part of building your project: Figuring out how to make applying to affordable housing possible via texting.

Favorite part of building your project: Seeing my idea coming to life. Using technical knowledge that I learned from the program to work on a problem that I could only write about in my previous career.

Isabelle was placed at Indeed.

Ingrid (she/her)

Bio: Before joining the Techtonica cohort, Ingrid García was an after-school art facilitator working primarily with immigrant youth and supervising events at the Yerba buena gardens festival. She became interested in tech while she was taking some graphic design classes at CCSF and started to learn HTML and CSS. She wanted to take the leap to learn a programming language to create tools to help others. Luckily she saw an ad for Techtonica and decided to apply!

Project name: Urban Garden

Project description: Urban Garden is a food bartering app that reduces the impact of food waste, builds community, and creates an additional digital farmers’ barter market.

APIs used: Auth0

Hardest part of building your project: Learning to work with authentication and finding api’s for my project that were relevant.

Favorite part of building your project: Working hard to get my ideas up and running with React and Bootstrap.

Ingrid was placed at Indeed.

Dena (she/her)

Bio: Before Techtonica, Dena was a teaching assistant at Berkeley City College for Intro to Web Design, a role which sparked her love for coding and set her on the path of becoming a software engineer. She is passionate about building tools to reduce the impact and stigma of mental illness and plans to continue to focus in that realm. She is grateful for Techtonica and the opportunity to learn and grow enough to make her project a reality.

Project name: Piñata

Project description: A tool for suggesting and tracking crisis coping strategies.

APIs used: Auth0 & my own REST API built with Node and Express

Hardest part of building your project: Determining which skills/strategies/activities to suggest based on mood and presenting them in a way that is succinct without losing effectiveness.

Favorite part of building your project: Figuring out how to implement my project and seeing it come to life.

Dena was placed at Quantcast, where she worked with React, TypeScript, Go, SOQL, and Apex to develop user interfaces and Salesforce emails and pages.

Favorite part of building your project: Figuring out how to implement my project and seeing it come to life.

Daaimah (she/her)

Bio: Originally from Marin City, Daaimah experienced the steep economic shift within the Bay Area firsthand when she came back from college. Searching for a solution to bring about a common resource hub that would help people with similar experiences, it was her knowledge of social services, experience with bureaucratic navigation, and creative problem-solving that led her to find a solution through technology. Techtonica has been able to provide the tools and knowledge needed to bring her solutions into fruition. Transitioning from a non-profit management and community outreach background, Daaimah Tibrey is walking into tech with a passion for community interest and social good.

Project name: Parent TimeSwap

Project description: A parents’ network helping other parents to stay productive by swapping time to help with each other’s children, schedule play dates, and build supportive relationships!

APIs used: Firebase (Authorization & Authentication), Pusher (Chatkit)

Hardest part of building your project: Setting up private chat rooms.

Daaimah was placed at SurveyMonkey.

Favorite part of building your project: Working with Chatkit, securing authorization on specific pages, figuring out how to apply problem solving skills, and breaking past blocks.

Chisom (she/her)

Bio: Chisom graduated with a marketing degree and was seeking work in the tech world when she discovered an interest in coding. When a friend asked her to take a JavaScript class with her, she found a passion for coding. What she likes the most about coding is the logical thinking and how much it impacts people’s lives.

Project name: The Closet Community

Project description: A safe space for closeted LGBT individuals to connect with the larger community.

APIs used: Auth0, Pusher (Chatkit)

Hardest part of building your project: Getting the signup system to work.

Favorite part of building your project: Seeing my progress.

Chisom was placed at AppDynamics.

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