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Techtonica’s 2022 H1 cohort is graduating soon!

Ten headshots of 2022 H1 Techtonica participants with varying hair, skin, and clothing colors.
Techtonica’s 2022 H1 graduating software engineers

Techtonica’s 2022 H1 software engineers have completed their final projects and will be interviewing with our partner companies soon! Read about the cohort members and the final projects they’ve been working on below and don’t forget to register for their virtual graduation on June 29th.

Black woman with two buns on top of her head and twists hanging down on either side
Adaora (she/her)

Adaora (she/her)

Bio: Although Adaora has a background in ecommerce and fashion merchandising, she has always been interested in tech, due to it being a delicious combination of problem-solving, applying logic and creativity! Despite that love, there was never an emphasis on engineers that looked like her, both in her family and externally. Her barriers into tech were her confidence and resistance she met due to her appearance, which is why she was so excited when she found Techtonica! She looks forward to normalizing engineers that look like her while combining her love for fashion, tech, and beauty.

Project name: Foraging Foodie

Project description: A blog that details the experiences at restaurants that helped me re-discover Dallas, as well as restaurants that helped me discover my small city in South Korea.

Built-with: PostgreSQL, Express, React, Node, CSS, Bootstrap, Auth0

APIs used: Yelp

Hardest part of building your project: Working with my API and knowing that I most likely wouldn’t have enough time to incorporate everything I was thinking of.

Favorite part of building your project: Being able to show what I have learned throughout the program, as well as learning more as I was building everything out.

Adaora was placed Sony PlayStation.

Smiling woman with olive skin, a blue sweater, and black, curly hair
Claribel (she/her)

Claribel (she/her)

Bio: Claribel worked as a licensed acupuncturist where she was able to express her passion to help people, learn concepts out of the ordinary, and make changes in the world by teaching others what she knows to live a better life. She hopes to bring this passion for change, mentoring, innovation, and creativity into the tech field. Her time with Techtonica has given her the knowledge and skills to be a full-stack software engineer and she is looking forward to continuing this journey of growth and learning. Coding for her has been a fun experience and she feels it has opened her eyes to aspects of herself she didn’t see before. She is inspired to continue and hopes others are inspired by seeing what she does along the way.

Project name: InTune

Project description: A way to discover new music and learn about subgenres in the form of a trivia game.

APIs used: Spotify, Apple music

Hardest part of building your project: OAuth and refreshing tokens

Favorite part of building your project: Learning along the way about authorization flow and all the cool things that you can incorporate from APIs, like track and music video previews.

Claribel was placed at Stack Overflow.

Person with straight brown hair, round black glasses, and a blue top looking directly into the camera
Eileen (she/her)

Eileen (she/her)

Bio: Before joining Techtonica, Eileen was a wildlife biologist where she specialized in reptiles, amphibians, population studies, and genetics. After being reintroduced to various programming solutions in her field, she began to rediscover her passion and interest that was previously put aside. However, self study could only get her so far and doing another degree was out of the question. Cue Techtonica! Since joining, Eileen has been excited about everything she has been learning and how she can help make an impact on others to show that they can do this too.

Project name: ISBN Thinking

Project description: One place to track your book collection, “I’ve been meaning to check this out” list, and “Do I already own a copy of this?” list, so you don’t end up with 4 copies of the same book again! (Unless you really meant to this time.)

APIs used: Classify

Hardest part of building your project: Scope creep — I thought that I had trimmed it all down to my MVP and then found out once starting that it was still too much. I have so many ideas for the future that I want to add. Also, learning how to deal with XML responses was tricky.

Favorite part of building your project: Adding to my database of books! I get to go through my personal library/reading list to “make sure the API is working” and then finally see everything working. Being able to create what I imagined and needed is still amazing to me.

Eileen was placed at Indeed.

Woman with short brown hair, brown eyes, hoop earrings, and a berry-colored collar smiling at the camera
Fariba (she/her)

Fariba (she/her)

Bio: Fariba started her career as a pharmacist, but turned to investing in frozen yogurt franchises. After utilizing different technologies in her business, she became very interested in tech. She is happy to have found her true passion in coding and software development.

Project name: Golf’sByU

Project description: Golf enthusiasts can search for the closest golf course.

APIs used: Google Maps API, Rapid API

Hardest part of building your project: Limiting the scope for user experience and features that can be added to the app.

Favorite part of building your project: Locating user’s latitude and longitude and getting autocomplete features. So fun!

Fariba was placed at Sony PlayStation.

Woman with black, curly hair, brown eyes, and berry-colored lipstick smiling into the camera
Gaby (she/her)

Gaby (she/her)

Bio: Gaby was formerly in the field of education, working with students in underrepresented communities to prepare, apply, and transition into 4-year institutions. While she loved her time working with students, her interest in the tech world became an attainable possibility when she came upon Techtonica while looking for learning resources and support communities. The unlimited possibilities in tech, as well as her passion for continuous learning, motivated her to jump and commit to something she hadn’t thought possible. Gaby is excited to continue her learning journey and is looking forward to what the future in tech holds as well as the contributions she will make. In her free time, you can find Gaby learning about the world by exploring the outdoors.

Project name: WANDER

Project description: This app helps you take the first step towards your WANDERing journey through the many national parks by providing you with the basic information of any and all the national parks in the country.

APIs used: National Parks Services , Auth0

Hardest part of building your project: The hardest part of building my project was having ideas about what would make it even better, but knowing that I didn’t have the time to incorporate them all.

Favorite part of building your project: My favorite part of building my project was watching my ideas come to life. There were things I thought about that I hadn’t learned before, and the process of learning them in order to incorporate them into my project was definitely a highlight.

Gaby was placed at Stack Overflow.

Person with glasses, facial hair, and long, straight, brown hair pulled to one side looking directly at the camera
Lex (they/them)

Lex (they/them)

Bio: Lex is a former Target retail employee where they learned about team cooperation, communication, and problem-solving, as well as other important skills pertaining to technologies for both everyday work use and management use. Although Lex enjoyed the super fast-paced and constantly-changing environment of retail, they were amazed by the breadth of problems one can solve by creating software and grew a passion for everything tech. Discovering Techtonica allowed Lex to move towards a tech career, excited by the knowledge that they are paving the road to bridge the gap into tech for others.

Project name: MC-Spot-Fi

Project description: A blog that also lets users tie a song into their current mood but also allows other users to search for blogs based on their mood in order to find a song to listen to.

APIs used: LastFM, OAuth

Hardest part of building your project: Choosing what project to do and planning it out was the hardest just because of all the possibilities, it’s hard to choose when one has so much freedom.

Favorite part of building your project: Being able to see each part of the project work and then eventually witnessing it come together in the end.

Lex was placed at Soda Health.

Smiling woman with brown eyes, a red top, and straight, long, black hair smiling at the camera
Lisa (she/her)

Lisa (she/her)

Bio: Lisa spent most of her childhood in South Korea before moving to the U.S. She is currently based in Seattle, Washington. While working with numbers and spreadsheets , Lisa enjoyed working on challenging projects, collaborating, and finding ways to increase efficiency, which led her to consider learning computer programming. Switching careers is tough but Lisa has been loving her journey and has learned so much from everyone involved in Techtonica. She is looking forward to lifelong learning and helping others without a traditional computer science background to explore the tech industry.

Project name: Holiday Finder

Project description: Holiday Finder helps users to plan their holidays better by allowing them to discover if their travel dates align with their destination country’s holidays because there are a lot of different holidays around the world!

APIs used: Calendarific, Auth0

Hardest part of building your project: Not being able to make progress as planned and having to adjust the goals of the minimal viable product (MVP). Although I thought the plans for my MVP were made clearly and carefully, unexpected challenges still occurred. It was also difficult to accept that I simply did not have time and experience (yet) to implement additional features that I had envisioned within the time allotted.

Favorite part of building your project: The best part was seeing things coming together, working with others, and applying skills and knowledge I gained these past several months. It is also exciting to think about how this app can be improved. I have so many ideas for improvements and features! I plan on continuing to work on this project and I cannot wait to implement additional features with more learning and time.

Lisa was placed at Stack Overflow.

Person with a green sweater and blonde hair on one side and an undercut on the other looking at the camera
Michaela (she/her, they/them)

Michaela (she/her, they/them)

Bio: Michaela has a background in psychology, art, and design. She tried programming a few times during her various times attending college, and eventually realized that coding could help bring life into design. After hearing about Techtonica from some of her former classmates, she got into the program and started her actual coding journey. She has learned a lot and is excited to continue learning more about code and the possibilities it offers. She loves to create a better user experience by making things look good and work well.

Project name: TabSplitter

Project description: This app helps to divide restaurant checks proportionately, including tax and tip, depending on individual subtotals.

APIs used: Twilio SendGrid, Auth0

Hardest part of building your project: Planning the project and trying to figure out a bunch of the necessary details ahead of time.

Favorite part of building your project: Making my idea come to life, using the knowledge acquired in the program, and learning new things along the way to help make it happen.

Michaela was placed at Sony PlayStation.

Smiling woman with black braids on one shoulder, a red top, and earrings looking directly at the camera
NeKisha (she/her)

NeKisha (she/her)

Bio: Before Techtonica, NeKisha worked within the legal and public sector. She has always had a passion for helping others and finding a way to make impactful change in her work. Tech had always been a field that she was interested in, so she began slowly looking into the different roles and landed firmly on web development. She first started with free online resources and soon found out about Techtonica and knew she had to apply. NeKisha is excited about her upcoming journey in tech and hopes to help improve the tech field’s diversity by helping other underrepresented minorities find their path to tech in the same way that Techtonica helped her.

Project name: Git Helathy

Project description: Git Healthy is a convenient way to track your daily calorie intake from the foods you eat.

APIs used: Calorie Ninja, Auth0 , Spoonacular API

Hardest part of building your project: The hardest part of building my project was starting. Life gives you roadblocks, and my computer died the first week of starting my project. That threw me for a loop, but helped me get used to changing a project’s scope and plans when something does not go as planned during the time available.

Favorite part of building your project: Learning new things was my favorite part, and being able to build something with so many moving pieces is really amazing!

NeKisha was placed at BigCommerce.

Zel (she/her)

Zel (she/her)

Bio: I’m from Dallas, Texas, and have a background in sales. After years in the insurance industry, I decided to start a small business. While putting together the business website, I began to wish I had kept up with the coding skills I gained in high school to make the process easier. I decided to apply to Techtonica because it was an answer to prayers during a time I really wanted to change my career with no understanding of how to get into the tech industry. I looked into Techtonica after it was recommended to me, and I knew they would be able to help prepare me for the tech industry.

Project name: Beauty Store

Project description: Beauty Store is an e-commerce store app where you can “favorite” and purchase items.

APIs used: Fake Store API

Hardest part of building your project: The hardest part of building my project was creating the logic for my if else statements on my different components, and planning.

Favorite part of building your project: My favorite part of my project was CSS and styling.

Zel was placed at Sony PlayStation.



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