What do you think coding schools or “bootcamps” are missing?

Michelle Glauser
Mar 30, 2017 · 2 min read

Have you ever wished that coding schools:

  • Were longer?
  • Allowed partner companies to contribute to their curriculum?
  • Had more hands-on project work?
  • Were more transparent about their programs?
  • Were more supportive of hiring teams?
  • Were more supportive of graduates long-term?
  • Empowered the underrepresented people whose perspectives you need the most?
  • Etc.

You’re not alone. We’ve heard your wishes, in addition to the wishes of many would-be coding bootcamp students, and we’ve built a program that is better in at least 15 ways — Techtonica.

Techtonica is a new Bay Area nonprofit that works with tech companies to offer free tech training, living and childcare stipends, and job placement to local women and non-binary adults with low incomes.

We’ve selected our first full-time students (pictured above) and are currently seeking companies who care about diverse technical teams and social impact to sponsor and hire each of the 8 amazing students.

On April 12th, we’ll be offering an information event at Stripe’s San Francisco office for potential sponsors of Techtonica students.

CTOs, hiring engineering managers, diversity and inclusion advocates, internal technical recruiters, other company decision-makers, and additional supporters interested in sponsoring a Techtonica student are invited to join this event.

Sign up to meet our students and to learn about the training program and the benefits of sponsoring.

You’ll also get a chance to hear from special guest speaker, Leslie Miley, who has held engineering leadership roles at Slack, Twitter, Apple, and Google.

To attend this event, please sign up here.

To learn more about Techtonica’s program and about becoming a Techtonica sponsor, please see our sponsorship levels here and our FAQs here.


Free tech training and job placement for local women and non-binary adults in need.

Michelle Glauser

Written by

Founder of @TechtonicaOrg (free tech training & jobs). Web dev, #ILookLikeAnEngineer ads, PyLadiesSF lead. She/her. #BridgeTheTechGap: https://t.co/tUPvr7zSy2


Free tech training and job placement for local women and non-binary adults in need.

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