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Angular 5.0 new ship arrives.

Angular 5.0 new ship arrives.

How’s a new taste of Angular 5?

  1. Build Optimiser
  2. Angular Universal State Transfer API and DOM Support
  3. Compiler Improvements
  4. Improved Decorator Support
  5. Internationalised Number, Date, and Currency Pipes. a document comparing the pipe behavior between v4 and v5.
  6. Replace the ReflectiveInjector with StaticInjector.
  7. Zone speed improvements
  8. exportAs to exporting a directive with multiple names.
  9. HttpClient.
  10. CLI v1.5.
  11. Angular Forms adds updateOn Blur / Submit.
  12. Support for RxJS 5.5 and later version
  13. New Router Lifecycle Events.

Angular Update Guide — 4.0 -> 5.0 for Basic Apps

Before updating

During the update

After the update

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