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Top 10 Platforms / Courses for Learning Blockchain

A Blockchain is essentially an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties in a verifiable and permanent way. Initially, it was used in Bitcoin as its public transaction ledger. Blockchain, as a technology, has many other potential use cases.

Here’s a video explaining Blockchain and some of the use cases:

Blockchain is the to-know technology for 2018 and has heated up the Venture Capital space.

This article compiles a list of online resources for learning Blockchain.Know more about Blockchain by going through courses/ content on the below 10 online learning platforms:

1. IBM developerWorks has a Blockchain development center that provides tools, tutorials and code samples. IBM Blockchain Basics will help you get started. And then you can try out its Hyperledger composer playground.

2. edX has a free course from The Linux Foundation on Hyperledger Technologies

3. Udemy has a number of courses on Blockchain.

Most of these courses are paid. If you want to check out the free courses related to Blockchain on Udemy, visit:

4. Coursera has some courses on Blockchain. You can audit the courses for free or go for a paid version.

IBM Blockchain Foundation for Developers.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies from Princeton University is also available on Coursera.

5. University Courses: Here’s a list of courses offered by some universities:

(a) MIT’s blockchain website has some content to help get started

(b) Stanford also has a course on Bitcoin Engineering

(c) Princeton’s has a course on its site

(d) RMIT University has short online courses

(e) Check about Blockchain at Berkeley at

(f) Duke has a Blockchain lab

(g) UNIC has a course on digital currency. Check the free MOOC at

6. Block Geeks: It’s an online learning platform dedicated to Block Chain Learning. It offers a 7 day free trial to the platform’s course library. There are free articles and videos you can check out.

7. Future Learn has a course on blockchain with a focus on its disruptive potential in the energy sector. You will get a free access to this course for 6 weeks when you enroll for the first time. For unlimited access, they have a paid plan. Tests and certification are also available in the paid plan only.

8. Experfy has a paid course on Blockchain for Finance Professionals

9. Open Blockchain: This site has videos on basics of Blockchain, it’s potential in different domains. You can also find links to white papers and other content related to Blockchain.

10. Lynda.com has some courses on Blockchain. You will need paid access to courses after a free trial of 30 days

If you would like to share any other link related to learning blockchain, please mention in the comment.

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