12 Designerly Gifts for Your Holiday List

Tectonic Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Our favorite items of the year that’ll surely bring joy to your designerly friends and family. It’s time again for that mad holiday scramble. Take a gander at these gift ideas selected by our studio’s creative crew. Get inspired as you aim to delight your loved ones this holiday season.

3 ideas for the Minimalism-lover on your list…

Bottle openers where less is more is beautiful

Pop bottles in style with this pair of Danish openers by Hay. A great study in form for the same function, elevate a home bar set-up or just leave it on a table, you won’t be ashamed.


Pleasing, perennial, Pendleton

As residents of the great Pacific Northwest, we may be biased but never doubt the quality or timelessness of quality wool. Hand crafted in the U S of A, Pendleton wool blankets make for a quintessential wintertime gift. They are virtually indestructible and will keep you warm for a lifetime.

from $129.00

Refined taste + modern spice from Denmark

It’s high time to toss out the ceramic salt and pepper shakers inherited from your aunt! Instead, store your common spices in Danish works of art. These bold, minimalist bottle grinders from Norm Architects have the designerly form and function suited for that aesthetic snob on your holiday list this year.


4 gifts for the Gadget-lover on your list…

A projection juggernaut on the go

The Cube projector from RIF6 is an extremely fun and versatile gadget. No screens, just a small cube that delivers legitimate projection power from your mobile device and more. The Cube has 20,000 hours of bulb life, a 120-inch display, and an 8 cubic inch lightweight aluminum body. Tectonic loves this little entertainment cube from startup RIF6.


Clever, cute, custom: Powerpig’s LEGO Builds

Whether you’re a geek, a foodie, a gamer, or a brick stacking enthusiast, you will find great joy in Powerpig’s custom LEGO builds. From retro computers and electronics to food and flowers, these unique sets truly push the limits of creative LEGO designs and are freaking adorable.

$15 — $100

The gift of Instagram supremacy

The Moment Lens is a versatile iPhone accessory that allows you to own every aspect of your photography and keep that Insta-game strong. Leave the DSLR at home and mount this little bad-boy to your phone for professional quality photos, 2x the picture, and a handcrafted app to bring it all together. We’re loving the gifting potential of the Moment Lens.


Nothing can light up winter quite like neon

Face it, neon is in! Give the gift of vintage vibes with a handmade sign from Neon Mfg. Choose an existing design or spring for something custom — regardless, we’re gifting one to ourselves this year to spruce up the studio glow at Tectonic.

from $109.99

And 5 designerly finds to stuff those stockings…

Are hue up to the challenge?

Standard puzzles just aren’t hard enough. “Meditate on color” with a Bryce Wilner Gradient Puzzle. This is a perfect gift for that color-obsessed designer friend looking for a tranquil challenge to tackle over the holidays. The 500-piece jigsaw puzzle comes in either a blue/green or red/yellow gradient.


Pin your pixel-pushing pride

Show off your love for Adobe Creative Suite’s original master application with this witty little Photoshop toolbar pin. A superb stocking stuffer for your best designer buds.


A _____ of-the-month club never sounded so good

Vinyl Me, Please is the gift that legitimately keeps on giving (every month to be precise). The audiophile or vinyl collector in your life will thank you every time they receive their limited edition vinyl LP, 12x12 art print, and custom cocktail pairing recipe as a member of this classy vinyl-of-the-month club. If you’re like us, you know someone that would relish this year-round.

from $100

Impress that self-promoting friend

For the person that has everything… we’re pretty sure they don’t have this. The folks over at Stamp Yo Face! will turn a photo of your friend into hand-drawn portrait into a rubber stamp. A perfect gift for that someone looking to make their mark and promote a personal brand — perhaps to the dismay of your friends & colleagues. A fun and funny gift if you’re willing to splurge — on a stamp.

from $70.00

An interactive diary of optimism

This is not your standard journal. Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later gives the gift of lighthearted optimism whenever needed. Author Adam J. Kurtz’s playful words of wisdom and doodles remind us to smile and that the world will keep on spinning no matter what. Pick it up for that friend that needs a pick-me-up!


Contributors: Erin Hancock, Benjamin Shown, Gretchen Nash, Leslie Ferguson, Madeleine Harrison, Mahlon Houk, Quba Michalski, Ronald Viernes

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