The Rally! Theme for Political Parties

Tectonica’s newest offering The Rally! Theme for NationBuilder is the perfect solution for small or local political parties to have a powerful digital organizing hub on NationBuilder. As part of the package, Tectonica customizes homepage and brand elements to match your party’s strategic needs and brand.

Nothing gets us more excited than work on party digital infrastructure. Debate and discussion around various party’s sites can be heard around the studio pretty much any day. That is just the kind of nerds we are. Our overwhelming impression is that there truly is a good degree of room for improvement out there for political parties. While many parties are catching up to the times with their digital space on communication, recruitment, and organization of constituents, supporters, and members — often they fail to put these elements together into an interface that creates a pleasant experience for the user. The end result usually works against the party’s strategic goals.

We suspect that trying to do all these things at once is at the root of the issue. Specifically smaller and local parties end up stretched for resources and having to make decisions about what area of digital organizing to prioritize. Website design frequently ends up with the short end of the stick.

We’ve done a great number of implementations for political parties both in network systems and in individual sites

But what if you could have your political party cake and eat it too?

In our latest theme offering, we really felt inspired to take things one step further, and ensure that there is an option available for local chapter and small political parties to have both the online organizing power needed, and a front facing web design that will serve those ends. Not to mention looking slick enough so they represent the party well. For this purpose we developed the Rally! Theme.

NationBuilder itself as a system comes with considerable cost savings for political parties with the fact that its out-of-the-box functionality has you covered for the entirety of basic functionality that a party will need. Even smaller parties and local party offices have the option to play like the big kids with NationBuilder, without having to shell out millions in tech development.

Presenting The Rally! Theme for NationBuilder

The Rally! Theme is our newest offering for small and/or local political parties to have an incredible website with all the needed functionalities of NationBuilder. Check out all that the Rally! Theme has to offer on our little promotional page here. You can also see the demo site we created.

We’ve also gone ahead and given it a test drive. We wanted to make sure it worked great when set loose in the real world, so we created a site for Buenos Aires 3D — an awesome local political group started by our good friends of the studio. Check it out here. I’d say it’s looking pretty hot, wouldn’t you?

The theme itself has truly incredible features we’re excited to offer. Baked into the works are best practice and high level functionalities for Events, Volunteering, Donations, Petitions, and other key political party organizing modules. Additionally we’ve built in the possibility to capitalize off of both general supporter sign ups for those interested in participating in some way, and paid memberships for those ready to take the next step and support the party infrastructure.

The theme is also set up to feature people. We know leaders are at the heart of every movement. These are sometimes the party’s leadership and sometimes candidates that need to be featured for upcoming elections. Regardless, the theme was created to strongly feature these individuals and give space to introduce them or link off to their own sites.

The other really cool feature is the issues section. The policies, platform, and issues are what is central to the work of any party. We’ve created an amazing parallax scroll section that puts these issues front and center. The beautiful full screen spacing allows for each issue to fully engage the user and communicate much about the issue through words, images, or iconography. The best part is despite the parallax scroll, the section is easily managed from the back end so that the admin can change, edit, and add issues as needed.

We’re eager to see the Rally! theme power up your party’s digital strategy. Read more about the theme, our check out a demo. Get in touch with us if you want to hear more.