Humans & Machines in Crossroads as NVIDIA Rips the Moor’s Law Apart

Chan Kulatunga
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3 min readMar 26, 2024


NVIDIA unveils the new GB200 super GPU hop, the World’s Strongest AI Chip Yet. #TecWinds


In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is driving innovation across industries, Nvidia continues to push the boundaries of AI hardware. At the recent developer conference in San Jose, CEO Jensen Huang unveiled Nvidia’s newest creations: the Blackwell B200 GPU and GB200 superchip. These advancements represent a significant leap forward in AI hardware technology, building on the success of Nvidia’s H100 AI chip. Let’s delve into the details of these groundbreaking innovations.

Performance and Efficiency

The Blackwell B200 GPU boasts unparalleled computational power, delivering up to 20 petaflops of FP4 computational power. This robust computing support ensures enhanced performance for AI models, surpassing the efficiency levels of its predecessor, the H100. Moreover, the GB200 superchip, featuring two B200 GPUs and a Grace CPU, offers a staggering 30 times performance boost for LLM inference workloads compared to the H100. Notably, this increased performance comes with a significant reduction in energy consumption and cost, making it a game-changer in AI hardware.

Design and Networking Capabilities

The second-generation transformer engine and next-generation NVLink switch introduced in the B200 and GB200 optimize computational capability, bandwidth, and model size. These enhancements streamline inter-GPU communication efficiency, particularly beneficial for large GPU clusters collaborating on complex AI tasks. By efficiently handling larger datasets and more complex AI models, the B200 series sets a new standard for distributed computing environments, outperforming the capabilities of the H100.

Application and Scalability

The design of the GB200 and B200 facilitates easier scalability in data centers and cloud computing environments. Integrated solutions like the GB200 NVL72 offer unprecedented AI training and inference performance, catering to the evolving needs of businesses and research institutions. While the H100 laid a strong foundation for AI research and commercial applications, the introduction of the B200 series extends these capabilities, unlocking new possibilities in the AI landscape.

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At the GTC conference in San Jose, Jensen Huang showcased new robot technology, underscoring the transformative potential of AI innovations. The launch of the B200 and GB200 chips not only sets a new benchmark for AI hardware but also stimulates competition, fostering the development of more advanced computing solutions. The focus on AI-specific optimizations is poised to shape the future direction of hardware development, driving further innovation and efficiency gains.


  • Are the Blackwell B200 GPU and GB200 superchip available for purchase?Yes, both the Blackwell B200 GPU and GB200 superchip are available for purchase, offering unparalleled performance for AI applications.
  • What makes the B200 series superior to the H100 AI chip?The B200 series boasts higher computational power, improved efficiency, and advanced networking capabilities, making it a significant upgrade over the H100.
  • Can the B200 series handle large datasets and complex AI models efficiently?Yes, the B200 series is designed to efficiently handle larger datasets and complex AI models, particularly in distributed computing environments.
  • How do the B200 and GB200 chips contribute to AI innovation?The B200 and GB200 chips set new benchmarks for AI hardware, driving innovation and competition in the industry.
  • Are there any specific applications where the B200 series excels?The B200 series excels in AI research, commercial applications, and large-scale integrated solutions like data centers and cloud computing environments.
  • What impact do the B200 series have on the AI industry?The introduction of the B200 series extends the capabilities of AI hardware, paving the way for breakthroughs in AI research and applications.


Nvidia’s Blackwell B200 GPU and GB200 superchip represent a significant milestone in AI hardware innovation. With unmatched performance, efficiency, and scalability, these advancements are poised to reshape the landscape of AI computing. As Nvidia continues to drive innovation, the future of AI hardware looks brighter than ever.