Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem

Tedchain Gaming Ecosystem is the decentralized platform developed by Tedchain for worldwide gaming community. The Game Ecosystem is a place where gamers can play the games on their own or participate in tournaments. At the same time game developers, publishers and advertisers can get access to a huge gaming community from emerging markets.

Game Publishing

  1. Game developers: Tedchain develops its own games and publishes them on games platform as well as on app markets for Smart Phones/Tablets.
  2. Third party developers: International game developers want to publish their games through the Tedchain Gaming Platform. Tedchain has access to more than 100 international developers.

Tedchain Gaming and Community Portal

This is a main section of Tedchain Gaming Ecosystem. This is place where gamers can play online games, cooperate with other gamers through Gaming Hub (forum) and trade in virtual goods at TED Marketplace.

Tedchain Mobile App Store

Tedchain offers opportunity to play not only online games, but also PC games (which needs to be downloaded and installed) and Mobile games. TEDCHAIN provides gamers with possibility to manage all games on all platforms (PC, online browser games and Mobile games) through one account!