We recognized an even greater potential to grow the market by decentralizing it and giving the power of the marketplace to millions of video game entrepreneurs and influencers who have social graphs, traffic, content, and existing followers. By shifting the parts of the marketplace that are complex and expensive to build to the gamer ecosystem and by decentralizing those components on the blockchain, the market will grow even faster than it has already, and everyone will be able to benefit from that growth.

Tedchain is a project we have developed. Tedchain is a decentralized gaming platform that enables users to conveniently mint, use, and sell interoperable crypto-items on the blockchain. It is a self-sustaining ecosystem built around the blockchain’s item-first economy. Our crypto-items are interoperable, meaning they can be used and sold across multiple games and users.

The gaming ecosystem uses distributed computing to solve systemic problems inherent in existing game distribution and asset management systems, in a single distributed peer-to-peer platform.

Github Repository: https://github.com/tedchain

Cloud Gaming Portal: http://tedchain.network/cloud

TED Marketplace: http://tedmorning.com/applay

Techain Wallet: https://tedchain.network/wallet

Decentralized Play Store: http://www.tedmorning.com

Decentralized Crowdfunding: http://crowdfunding.tedmorning.com

Games are 90% ready and the launch is scheduled for the III quarter of the year. We have already launched a beta version of the platform which offers the first games that can be played for tokens.