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Teddy Cash is Live

Head over to https://frontends.teddy.cash


Contract: 0x094bd7B2D99711A1486FB94d4395801C6d0fdDcC
Trade on Pangolin

TSD Token

Contract: 0x4fbf0429599460D327BD5F55625E30E4fC066095
Trade on Pangolin

List of Contract addresses can be found https://docs.teddy.cash/contracts

Quick Ape Guide

As the name implies, this guide is for the apes, for longer form documentation see https://docs.teddy.cash/ or consult the excellent https://docs.liquity.org/.

1. Deposit AVAX

Deposit between 2000 and 3000 USD worth of AVAX to open a trove.

  • To be on the safe side your collateral ratio should be >150%.
  • If it is between 110% and 150% your trove is at risk to be redeemed. You will not loose any money but you will loose your AVAX exposure.
  • WARNING: in the screenshot below, you see 9.00 TSD borrowing fee. This borrowing fee you have to either earn (by staking TEDDY) or trade on pangolin or another DEX.

2. Deposit TSD to the Stability Pool

Among others, you will earn TEDDY as early adopter rewards.

3. Stake TSD/AVAX Pangolin LP

Over 6 weeks 3,000,000 TEDDY tokens are reward to LP stake:

4. Stake TEDDY

Earn TSD rewards every time someone opens a trove.




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