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Jared Esguerra — Professional Crypto Trader Shares His Secrets and Tips

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has grown with rapid speed and is believed to be a new global investment trend. Building the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are digital assets that use encryption techniques to verify the transfer of assets in a decentralized system. It’s an evolving field with a lack of regulation and oversight. While cryptocurrencies have garnered the attention of many traditional investors, it’s still a relatively new and unknown investment type. It carries some risk, but with that comes the potential for a significant return on your investment.

If you’re trading cryptocurrency, it’s essential to know that it’s not a gamble. Specific immutable laws of economics govern this market. With an attentive eye, you can tap into them and make money consistently, just like Jared Esguerra, who has been a crypto trader but always makes sure that the trading is done by keeping an eye on the market and how it will be going in the future. Jared is an expert in the world of crypto, and he’s one of the most successful investors in the space. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, he has managed a eight-figure crypto fund and made over 700% this year alone. Jared believes that to become a crypto investor, one needs to follow these essential things. Which are :

Transact using a cold storage Cryptocurrency wallet: Jared believes that security should be the top priority for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency. If you store your cryptocurrency on an exchange, you could lose everything if the exchange is hacked. Take control of your investments by storing them in a cold wallet. If you want to keep your cryptocurrency safe, you should use one of these three top crypto wallets. They’re considered the safest way to protect your cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is volatile: Cryptocurrencies are a new and exciting asset class. If you want to learn about them, investing is the best way to start. Because it’s an entirely new asset, there’s no financial data to draw on. This means that cryptocurrencies display very high volatility and massive swings in both directions. Even after earning large amounts, Jared still sees cryptocurrency as a risky one and makes sure that everyone who is investing in it understands that it is volatile. Always use stop loss and very strict risk management when trading.

Don’t believe in random tips: The crypto space is plagued by a severe lack of credible information. Investors are in the dark about who they can trust with their money. By using bots to propagate their agenda, self-proclaimed crypto analysts lure investors into their social network and manipulate prices for personal gain. To give everyone a perfect chance to gain profits, Jared has developed his course. He has used his proprietary algorithms to trade his own money, achieve an impressive 77% win accuracy, and teach these strategies.

Be updated about the Global News: While it is true that the crypto market is spread across the world, and hence any global development can impact prices, it is necessary to note that the US, Singapore, and Europe dominate crypto markets. Among other things, this means that a critical indicator of what a government or central bank will do in these countries will almost immediately show up in the market. Jared believes that the traders should keep a very tight eye on fundamental analysis and news as it affects crypto markets 10X more than any traditional market

Invest according to the targets: Every trader should set stop loss levels before entering or exiting a trade. This is to give a sense of how much money is at risk and how far the market can drop before you lose your investment. When the market starts to decline, and you still have your stop loss in place, this denotes discipline and courage. Jared has made a profit of 700% only this year, but he believes that every trader should set a stop loss so that they can invest accordingly.

Also always control your emotions as investing and trading is a roller coaster. Believe in the long-term vision of crypto, do not sell when the market turns on you.

Final Thoughts:

Cryptocurrency is booming, and it’s an excellent opportunity to make a lot of money. It’s imperative to be careful, though, because you have to watch out for yourself in this market. Jared believes that his course can help the budding traders to set themselves up for a huge profit.



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