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Ken Barefield is taking over the world of Acting & Stunts

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a TV or film stuntman hurling yourself off a building, driving at high speed into a concrete barrier or catching fire as you escape a burning house? Performing stunt work is no easy task but a specialised art not for the weak hearts. To work as a professional stuntman one needs to be highly-trained, dedicated and open to performing tasks that would normally terrify common people. One never knows just where the thrill rides of making motion pictures might take you to? This journey of hardship and commitment is inspiring and there is not one but many lessons that can be drawn from Ken Barefield’s life.

Ken Barefield is a Stunt Coordinator and Performer based out of Atlanta, GA. He grew up in Hoover, Alabama, and was a part of the MTV Reality TV-Show “Two-A-Days” in high school. Ken has a background in boxing and mixed martial arts. While performing as a duel sport athlete for a D1 college, Ken Barefield was a sprinter on the track and field team and played football.

Behind the scenes, the life of a stunt performer is a never-ending training regime to remain at peak fitness whilst maintaining a diverse skillset repertoire to a high standard. Being a stuntman involves being very athletic and you have to be extremely tough mentally and physically says Ken. These were the lessons he learned too, while playing football.

Action actor/Stuntman at SAG AFTRA. Outdoor Model, Ken has always been the type of guy who always looked further than just getting by. It always made hi, nervous to only have 1 line of revenue. At a very young age he had set standards for himself to be wanted to be known for more than just a normal desk job.

His list of accomplishments is long and bold like him, he was a stunt performer in the 20th Century Fox production — Logan & The Gifted. He also worked as 2nd unit director and stunt coordinator of hit Netflix show Cobra Kai. It was his realisation when he switched from playing football and started new chapter of his life. It was a very sobering moment and gave him a drive that he never had thought of which forced his hands to do something bigger than what he thought he could do.

A great inspiring statement from Ken which we all can feel proud of — I play dress up and set myself on fire for a living, got to dream big. Follow him on his Instagram handle (@kenbarefield)



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