Today’s GIF comes from the inaugural landing of the first commercial flight in St. Helena, which took place in 2017.

St. Helena: The Tiny, Remote Island With the Expensive Airport

Two years ago, a tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean got its first airport — perhaps the world’s most obscure airport. It was expensive, but can St. Helena thrive?


The St. Helena Airport, shown in 2014 during its construction process. (David Stanley/Flickr)

Why an expensive airport in St. Helena is necessary, even if it barely gets used

The ship that the St. Helena Airport ultimately replaced. (Neil Fantom/Flickr)

“Here on St. Helena, there is a promising future for holidays hinging on Napoleon, certainly up to 2021, the bicentenary of the emperor’s death.”

At Barra Airport, landing on the beach is a pretty common thing. (Tom Parnell/Flickr)

Five incredibly fascinating airports in odd parts of the world

Jamestown Valley, the volcanic valley in which many of the city’s residents live. (David Stanley/Flickr)

The hard part about introducing air service to an incredibly remote part of the world? Convincing people to go there

Longwood House, the place where Napoleon lived out the final years of his life in exile. It’s now a museum. (David Stanley/Flickr)
This Jacob’s Ladder is not like the Tim Robbins film. (Luke McKernan/Flickr)

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