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TED is an annual event that brings the world’s leading thinkers and doers together for a chance to share ideas from diverse range of disciplines (i.e. technology, design, science,business, humanities, entertainment, development and etc…). But how do the vast variety of TEDx organizers manage to create such successful and empowering events? Here’s our thoughts on the subject based on the TEDx organizer’s manual.

  1. Each TEDx is organized by local teams. This results in a crew that is in touch with the vibes of their city and the audience. Every city has its own issues, dynamics, happenings, developments and etc… With local teams, the organizers can get a feel for what is important for the given city and design the TED talk to meat that city’s or a specific neighborhood’s criteria for an interesting TEDx.
  2. Before TEDx organizers start spending time to look for interesting speaker, they begin with picking a broad theme. Once they have that, instead of looking for specific speakers, the organizers will start brainstorming ideas. Once the organizers have a clear understanding of which ideas they want to communicate, they start looking for dynamic local voices. This gives the global TED community access to perspectives that they would normally not hear.
  3. The TEDx team that helps organize the events are all unpaid. This means that the volunteers are enthusiastic individuals who truly believe in the event and TED’s values. One of the most important roles within the team is the story teller. That person has to be the most passionate volunteer and he/she must have a clear understanding of TED’s values. These specially appointed team members must keep potential audiences interest piqued and updated about the event.
  4. One not so obvious reason that TEDx events are organized so well is that their are speaker rehearsals before the actual event. This is a good way to ensure that speakers have a chance to get a feel for the venue and for TED organizers to check whether light, sound and projection systems work fine at the venue.
  5. One of the core values of TEDx is that the speaker sessions have to be under 18 minutes. Short knowledgeable content like this creates valuable online that can be easily shared and an offline experience that stays with you forever.

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Originally published at www.conferize.com on August 6, 2015.

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