Team Updates: Marketing Team

This week we’re looking at the marketing team and the strategies they’ve employed to spread the word about TEDxUofT 2017. We spoke to Justin Lee, the marketing director.

The main goal for the marketing team at the start of the school year was to reach as many students as possible. TEDxUofT will be hosting its 5th annual conference in 2017, but many students are still unaware of our presence and how to get involved.

One of the most successful channels for marketing is social media — Facebook in particular. According to data from the previous year, about a third of ticket sales came from Facebook, while another third came from the promotion of the event on UofT’s website. To raise awareness, the director and editors are working to make engaging content and grow TEDxUofT’s online following. As the date for ticket sales approaches, there will also be Facebook and YouTube advertisements targeted at students. MailChimp is used to reach out directly to subscribers online; we have over 2200+ people in our subscriber base, so this tool is really helpful for sending mass emails.

As planning progressed, strategies and goals had to be reorganized and reassessed as they usually do when planning an event of this scale. The original marketing campaigns were more elaborate and time-consuming, for example, hosting an event where interested students could take part in the creation of posters for the event. However, deadlines change, people get busy, and priorities shift. The main focus now is getting the word out about TEDxUofT 2017 effectively.

“X Marks the Spot” Campaign

The next few weeks are very exciting for the marketing team as the tickets sales date approaches and the final campaigns are launched. The majority of creative work on these campaigns is done by the graphic designers who Justin says, in his opinion are the real MVPs.

When asked what he hopes to have accomplished by the end of the conference, Justin comments: “To beat last year’s sell-out record? Jokes aside though, I really hope everyone who would be interested in attending the conference hears about the event.”

We’re looking forward to the final marketing campaigns coming up as well as the ticket sales day! Keep your eyes OPEN on our social media platforms for more information coming very, very soon.

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