Hey there, masked man. What have you achieved in your life that makes you stand out?

Nothing? Nothing.

Well in that case, welcome to this club called Mediocrity.

Before I take my first steps towards it, I must let you know that I am terrified of it. More than that, I curse it, despise it. I’m just someone who hasn’t lived long enough to see the world through anyone’s but my point of view. What do I know about mediocrity? Before I tell you what it means to me, I must let you know that I am unaware of the harsh realities of life and completely inexperienced to even define the term.
So I’m sorry if I’m subjecting you to my shattered perspective.

Waking up every morning and not doing something significant enough to boost your spirit; to live in monotony without an aim for growth, just like the millions lost in the crowd. That’s mediocrity for me.

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I despise it. I hate the fact that I am one in a million, stuck in traffic for hours on end and ultimately losing sight of where I’m going.
I can’t stand the fact that I might end up getting a job I hate and living an above average life with my so called ‘happy’ colleagues. I’m not criticizing the ones who love their job and are exceptional at whatever they do. I’m criticizing the mediocre, who just like me spend hours on end thinking about what could have been.

But I still go with the flow, you know? And it’s not that there is ambition that is lacking, or passion that is unguided, it’s just that I’m scared. Scared to step out. Scared because I’m not very good at what I do. Scared because I never might be.

I want to live a life where I’m remembered for doing what I love; not for running in a field where I’m nothing but a robot.

I dream of taking the leap and freeing myself from the shackles of obligation.
I dream of being everything that makes me, me.
I dream every single night of standing apart and living a life that I will remember.
And I hope I never have to be one of the people lost in the crowd.
That’s the mediocrity I despise.

It is this aspiration that makes me sight a ray of hope in my sleep. I wake up in a cold sweat at 3 in the morning, sometimes. It’s when this phantom of mediocrity chains me to the ground when I’m about to fly high.

- Adil