What Is Love

What is love?
Sometimes it’s an escapade, sometimes it’s a relief, sometimes it’s an adventure, and
sometimes just a routine.
Everybody has felt love at some point in their lives, it doesn’t have to be romantic, it can very well be something you just felt in the moment, for nobody in particular.

Maybe when that little puppy on the street came to you wagging it’s tail, its precious eyes
asking for a biscuit; and when you gave it to him like you always do, you realized that
sometimes love is just a routine.
And maybe when you didn’t have anybody to turn to, and that one friend stood by you
through everything, hearing you out and giving you advice, you realized that love is
friendship,that love is relief, and that friends are the gold you can’t find in mines even if you dig deep.

Maybe when you watched Naina let go of Bunny because she knew that her love for him
was minuscule compared to his love for his dreams, you realized that love cannot be caged in a crippling mesh, that it’s embodied in the greater sky. And when you watched him come back to her because he realized that she completed him, and that nothing was more important than sharing his world with her, you realized that love isn’t a one track road.

Maybe when you were surrounded by the warmth that is family, joking around, pulling each other’s leg and talking about each other’s day, you realized that love is a gem to be treasured ,that only rises exponentially if it is shared.

Maybe when you saw the millions of families uprooted by war and genocide still view the
world with eyes of compassion, void of revenge you realized that the power of love is much stronger than the power of destruction. When you read Anne Frank’s words in her diary “I still believe that people are good at heart” you realized that love is innocent, it knows no prejudice , and it can thrive even in the most tragic of places.

And once you feel it, you’ll know that love is truly kept in a photograph, that it’s a memory
we make for ourselves, that it’s your happy place kept in a heartbeat, that life’s a
journey,with love as the prize, and once you find it, it’ll take you by surprise.

-Sidhee Hande