Our Festive Favourites

Joanna Kosinska/ Unsplash

The holiday season is upon us, so we at the TEDxWarwick Blog decided to look back at some of the talks we find most compelling at this time of year.

Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care | Cleo Wade

Cleo Wade shares a poem about growing up and finding the courage to create the change you wish to see in the world. Cleo draws on the the stories of changemakers like Harriet Tubman to express her message, and shares the advice of 100-year-old American veteran Gene Moretti on how to live in today’s society. Following his advice and the stories of others, Cleo concludes, and urges us all to consider, that the first step to creating change is to “Be good to as many people as possible”.

Why the only future worth building includes everyone | Pope Francis

In this TED talk, His Holiness Pope Francis speaks of his strong conviction that “everyone’s existence is deeply tied to that of others”. He shares his own experience of coming from a family of migrants and the stories of those he has met throughout his life. Pope Francis emphasises the need for solidarity, tenderness and hope in creating a better future for everyone; and urges that this is only brought about when we all come together as one.

It’s all about the giving | Dan McComas

There are few people out there that can manage not to be moved by the spirit of giving common at this time of year. ’Tis the season, after all. Dan McComas, creator of redditgifts, describes the process behind the site and what it has become. All of this goes to show that the best ideas really come from a genuine desire to make others happy, from finding a chink in our collective armour and patching it. Maybe this’ll be the year we all find a way to do that.

On healing and forgiveness | Dolph Lundgren

The simple title does not do justice to the deeply personal, emotional story Lundgren tells, nor does it encompass the entirety of his message. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to let go, and the fact that Lundgren could do so shows that holding grudges over someone skipping the line at Terrace Bar really isn’t worth it.

We hope that you enjoy these talks. Keep an eye on this space as more content will be posted soon!