5 best freshers tips our Teechers had to share with us

We all know the feeling I’m about to describe: It’s the night before an exam, your flatmate is asleep, Google isn’t helping, and you need to understand how derivative functions work. You basically feel like you’re in hell and there’s no way out.

But that’s not true anymore.

What if I told you that we know what it’s like to feel this way? Angry, and frustrated? But that you don’t need to feel this way anymore, and that the solution is here?

You would listen, right? Well, great.

Because with Teech, all you need to do is snap a picture of your problem and one of our lovely Teechers will call you almost immediately to walk you throught the answer.

And it’s cheap.

So why wouldn’t you use our service ? Exactly, you would!

And because we’re student ourselves, not only do we know you’re gonna love our platform, we’re also just as excited as you are for freshers week! So read on if you want to learn the 5 best freshers tips our Teechers had to share with us:

1. Do not trust promoters:

They don’t want you to have fun. — Alex, City University

2. Leave your judgmental self back in high school:

Open minded people are usually the ones that make the most friends, because they attract all kinds of people, so give everyone a chance and you won’t regret it! — Lucas, Bristol

3. Put yourself out there:

Just like spiders are more scared of you than your are of them, the next guy/girl is probably more shy than you are, so make the first step, do your best to meet people, and you’re going to have a great time at uni! — Juri, Kings

-4. Remember there’s always re-freshers week:

Whether it’s because of a cold, a really long lasting hangover or any other reason, it’s not the end of the world if you miss freshers week, because there’s always re-freshers. — Ringo, UCL

5. Have fun!

This is your last moment of careless fun before uni really starts, so enjoy it and make good memories that will last you till christmas break and after! — Ranjiv, LSE

The grail: For more info, go to teech.com