5 best freshers tips our Teechers had to share with us part 2!

Chances are you probably did not land on this page because you googled how to make friends.

However, because we couldn’t pack all the great resources our teechers shared with us in last week’s article, we wanted to give you a chance to take it all in with a part 2! So here goes:

The follow up of our Teechers top tips to start uni in a good vibe:

  1. Be genuine:

Fake people are easy to spot. By not being genuine you risk becoming friends with people who won’t like you for who you are.

2. Adapt:

An important quality in meeting new people is the ability to adapt. This means that the new situations you’ll get yourself in at university might be overwhelming, but you have to do your best to face them head on.

3. Don’t look for your old friends in the new ones:

It’s very simple to dwell on the past, and miss your friends but you have to keep in mind you will also be able to make long lasting connections in Uni.

4. Diversify:

Try new things and experience, this is what uni’s for. By doing so, you may also attract different kinds of people and make good friends with people you wouldn’t expect.

5. Let go of your high school mentality:

University isn’t about cliques like it is in high school. People have larger groups of friends and you won’t be judged on the petty things you would’ve in high school.

6. Try:

There’s no better advice than this. You have to go out there and socialise in order to make friends. Chances are this will work better than expecting them to appear.

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