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Apple’s Watch is for People Without Pants

I’m not talking about naked from the waist down, I’m referring to simply not having a place to put your phone. There are plenty of instances, where we can’t have our phones in our pocket. For me, it’s not much of an issue, but I imagine for others, like a woman wearing a skirt, it is.

When in Roam

I won’t suggest how to solve outrageous data roaming fees, but I can take two minutes to suggest how software could make it more obvious when we’re incurring them.

In iOS, the status bar currently changes depending on if you’re on a call, if you’re in airplane mode, or if someone is connected to a mobile hotspot. It also indicates if we’re on LTE, 4G, 3G or Edge.

The State of In-Car UX

No matter the price or the brand, the interfaces that adorn today’s vehicles are in a bad place. Thankfully, there’s hope.

The Iceberg of Jobs-to-be-Done

How to design products around the job you’re being hired for

When you’re starting to design a new product, or redesigning an…

Zen and the Art of Insight Generation

Exploring the idea that there is something similar between uncovering insight in a contemplative practice and how insights…

How does this end?

Contemplating the end of your business

The documentary “Shut Up and Play The Hits” opens with an interview between the writer Chuck Klosterman and…

Enter the Hyperlapse

“What am I looking at?” I asked

It was a Wednesday morning and Peter Nitsch, the Director of our Labs group at Teehan+Lax was standing in my office. We…

Old Dog, New Trick

Today we launched a new Teehan+Lax site. It’s different in many ways and I’m excited to see how it evolves, but during the process of its redesign, something else evolved.

Our Walking Dead (aka Image Spark)


In September of 2008, one of our designers, Greg Washington, began discussing a frustration he had. When starting any design…

No screen left behind: Creating a digital experience for multiple devices

When creating a web site for multiple screens and devices, many options need to be explored to determine…

How content strategy solves 3 project problems

By now most people working in the digital channel will have heard some of the buzz about content strategy. But unless you’ve worked on a UX…

What’s in a Job Title?

Every industry is going to have its own job titles and it’s important that people within it understand what they mean. Today I’d like to talk about the titles we use to…

Designing With Code

With an increasingly complex array of platforms and screen resolutions, it’s time to embrace the creative capabilities of HTML5 + CSS3 and make…

10 years of Teehan+Lax

10 years ago today (Oct 2, 2002), Geoff and I started this company. The two of us and one employee, a designer who previously worked with us at Modem Media, started…


A collection of our best stuff from teehanlax.com

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