Teem: A Fiercely Friendly Culture

Today, our team at Teem gets to celebrate the recognition from Inc Magazine as one of the best places to work in America. At our company we do not believe this honor is all about past performance or any accomplishments we’ve conquered so far. In fact, we view this milestone as a signal of greater things to come, and a reminder of the value of a carefully curated culture.

Teem, formerly EventBoard, formerly Ender Labs in 2013

On Friends with Benefits

It’s days like today that one looks back and tries to pin-point moments in time that truly set a culture in stone. Those little things you look back at and realize were actually massive lightning rods in the history of a company.

For Teem, one of those moments was a small comment from our VP of Sales, Kyle Fraughton, the afternoon we were setting up our instance of SalesForce:

“We all agree calling our customers ‘customers’ sucks, right?

We laughed, but all agreed. After a few rounds of mostly inappropriate alternatives, Mark Higginson stated, “Why don’t we just call them what they are — our ‘Friends’?”. A few minutes later the term “customer” no longer existed in the vernacular of our company, instead it was superimposed with New Friends ( “New Business” ), Old Friends ( “Renewals” ), and Friends with Benefits ( “Upsells” ).

It may seem cute and silly, but to us at Teem, it is an attitude that from Day #1 has been a core thread in the fabric of our culture. It is something I believe that defines us, and it’s a huge differentiator from our unoriginal, and frankly lifeless competitors. It’s our authenticity, kindness and our candor that we lead with, and it is something we take huge pride in. And we are constantly reminded of the value of Friendship when we are validated by our almost nonexistent churn rates in our Friends both internally and externally.

How some Exec level decisions are made . . . seriously.

This isn’t just happenstance. Since the beginning, we have sorted and hired individuals we have felt could honor our culture of Friendship that is embodied in our singular and clear policy of “Don’t Be A Jerk”. At Teem we are working to be a leading force in the revolution of work, and to get there we are constantly refining and redefining how we operate. Though we are constantly evolving our product and our culture, the thing that continues to hold true is our unconditional support and love for one another and an absolute admiration and respect for our Friends who support us on our mission.

To Our Ferocious Lovelies

To our passionate and ferocious lovelies at Teem, thank you. We are celebrating because of each of your unique and amazing contributions to our culture. I know that building a company at the speed of a startup is no easy feat and I am so grateful for the way each of you shows up every day. Thank you for bringing your time, smarts and your passions daily and for constantly leveling us up into realties we once believed were fantasies and impossibilities. I cannot say it enough times, but it is truly a privelage to work alongside you, and to call each of you my Friends.

Weekly Teem Town Hall Meeting