Weekly Workplace Mixtape

Vol 5: The well-intentioned plan

Look, here at Teem we work super hard to have the Weekly Workplace Mixtape out every Monday. Per protocol that was the plan for this week, in fact, most everything was in place ready to go — but then late in the afternoon on Saturday my girlfriend and I decided to go on a road trip at the last minute . . .

Wednesday, the camel. Get it?

We quickly packed, got in the car, and turned up ODESZA’s Meridian. As we discussed our first destination we both decided that Vegas would be the perfect road trip destination despite the 107 degree temperature. We cruised across the desert jamming to Fatboy Slim, Mark Stoermer and Friends with Animals. Along the way we met a camel named Wednesday in the small town of Scipio, Utah, and toured the famed Mormon leader Brigham Young’s “Winter House” in St. George. Our curiosity now satiated, we booked our hotel room for the night and refilled the gas tank for the final stretch towards Las Vegas.

We arrived in Sin City and made plans to see a show later that night. I was planning to finish compiling the “Weekly Workplace Playlist” in our room while we waited for the show… but as we stood at the front desk at 9:30PM we were told, “We are so sorry, you booked the room for tomorrow and we are sold out for the night.” Foiled. Making the best of the situation, we negotiated a few ideas with the hotel management, and by 10PM we were able to lock down a room at another one of their “sister” properties. Finally settled, we spent a few hours wandering around the late night sights of the Strip, ate gelato, and met a crew of merry Elvis impersonators along the way. Back at the hotel we sat in the window overlooking the city, and mused about life until we fell asleep.

What does one call a group of Elvis impersonators? An Elvi?

Exhausted, we crashed and truly “slumbered”, waking up at Noon on Sunday. The plan was to spend the day at the pool reading and finishing the playlist, but after more musings we thought it’d be more fun to adventure to California. So we packed up again, hit the road and debated the merits of Los Angeles vs. Anaheim, or a beach spot on the coast.

We hit a fork in the road as we crossed into California and decided Anaheim was the place to go. The decision was quick, as self-proclaimed and well studied Disneyland Geeks, we both decided hitting the Magic Kingdom for the first time together was the best way to figure out if we could walk all our Disneyland talk.

Faith, Trust and Churro Dust!

Cranking up Arms and Sleepers we drove off to California. We arrived at 2PM, booked the hotel in the lobby and by 2:30 we waltzed ourselves into the Happiest Place On Earth. Both of us were eager to prove our commitment to “Disney Geekdom” to each other, so we agreed that neither of us would stop until closing at 1AM.

By 11PM after criss-crossing the park, eating hand-dipped churros, quizzing each other on our Disney Park trivia, and dancing in a downpour we had successfully conquered every open attraction that was more than a slow loading spinner — looking at you Dumbo, Astro Orbiter, King Arthur Carrousel and Mad Tea Party — By 1AM, we wandered back to the hotel satisfied with one another that we’d honored our word at the park.

Monday morning came, and we set off on our 685 mile journey back to Utah. With curiosity, we listened to the story of John B. McLemore, the complex horologist at the center of the S-Town Podcast, then stopped and won some money gambling in Vegas and happened upon some relics on exhibit retelling the catastrophic tragedy of the Titanic. The rest of the star spattered desert night drive was filled laughing at our constant line of jokes and blasting music by Trifonic, the Used, and AFI. By 3AM Tuesday we arrived back in Salt Lake City, and collapsed in bed, wholly satisfied with the adventure we had accomplished.

Though our public commitment is to get our weekly Spotify mixtape out the door on Monday, this week I failed to honor that agreement. However, despite the delay, the music enclosed this round is fueled with caffeine, love, the last drips of summer, and a spirit of tireless spontaneous adventure. May it inspire you and carry you through the rest of the work week.


weekly workplace mixtape: volume 5
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