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Lauren Flake is Texas Strong

Lauren Flake is a 7th generation Texan, avid blogger, and mother of two. She recently added ‘hero’ to that list by raising over $120,000 (and counting!) with Teespring to support those affected by the tragic floods in her home state.

The Memorial Day weekend floods left at least 23 people dead across the state, destroying at least 200 homes and causing an estimated $30 million in damage. Seeing reports of this extreme tragedy via social media, Lauren felt compelled to spring into action. She stated, “I have been overwhelmed by the devastation of these floods, including at the nursing home where my mom spent her final years in San Marcos.” Having two young children to keep an eye on, Lauren knew that in order to help she’d have to find a creative solution to make a difference without leaving her home. “I felt called to use my blog, For the Love of Dixie (loveofdixie.com), to help flood victims in Hays and Caldwell Counties.”

To best harness the power of her large social following, Lauren decided to use Teespring to raise funds and awareness via a uniquely designed shirt, showing pride in her Texan roots while honoring her late mother, Dixie. Enter: Texas Strong, a design inspired by her two daughters, 1 and 3 years old. “My 3-year-old is very into superheroes,” Flake says. “But she tells me all the time that she’s not pretty, so lately our motto has been ‘Pretty Strong’ — because girls can be both beautiful and strong.”

Being a natural social media maven, she shared her Teespring campaign in a few groups and this blog’s page on Facebook, as well as on Instagram and Pinterest.

While her original goal was to sell 50 shirts to raise a few hundred dollars, within just a few days she sold into the thousands. Lauren’s campaign went viral almost immediately, and while she was thrilled with the support of shoppers near and far, she humbly admits to being shocked by the influx of attention. “This whole experience has been very exciting, but being in the “spotlight” is a little overwhelming! As the People article pointed out, I am a mom, first and foremost, so I’m trying to keep a balance between family time and social media time.”

Through her successful Teespring campaigns, Lauren has managed to boost her “Love of Dixie” brand to incredible new heights. With this newfound renown, she hopes to use the momentum of Texas Strong to help others in memory of her Mother, Dixie. “There are so many causes I would like to support, but of course, Alzheimer’s research, awareness and caregiver support are especially close to my heart. I would also love to support our veterans in conjunction with the July 4th holiday.”

The passion that Lauren has for her community combined with the power of her social following has yielded a deep well of support flowing in from all over the world. Teespring is so proud to help power #TexasStrong- we can’t wait to see the incredible things that Lauren does in campaigns to come.

Originally published at blog.teespring.com on June 7, 2015.

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