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【TEJ Dictionary】What is ISO? Introduction of ISO9000, ISO14000, and ISO22000

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📍Intoduction of ISO

ISO is the abbreviation for International Organization for Standardization. ISO is a Non-Governmental Organization, and it was established for developing global standards. What standard did ISO develop? This article will introduce ISO9000, ISO14000, and ISO2200.


ISO9000 is an international standard for quality management. The most famous ISO9001 is a standard providing company with a standardized process, which assist companies to keep quality consistency. There are over 1 million companies using ISO900 worldwide nowadays.


ISO14000 is an international standard for corporate environmental management. Belonging to the ISO14000 family, ISO14001 is an environmental management system. This standard defines the environmental damage that a product cause from production to selling. The Corporate Governance Evaluation System takes ISO14001 as a crucial indicator.


ISO22000 is a world-famous food safety management system. TWSE has taken ISO22000 as one of the performance indicators of the food industry.

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