Feel good as a salesperson: No wait for the pay raise

A series of bite sized feel good material if you’re in sales.

dont wait for the raise

This series is a pep talk of sorts; ways you can feel good about yourself being in sales. Your sales manager/boss might be too busy to appreciate your existence because the numbers are down, or what ever reason.

Here’s to feeling good about yourself if you’re in sales. When you feel good, you perform better.

No wait for the pay raise

There probably aren’t many sales jobs out there that do not have some sort of monetary incentive for closing a sale. Which means every time you sell the product, you make extra cash.

Think about it from the perspective of other employees in the company; They have to think twice before asking for a raise. A marketing campaign can take months to be completely implemented and actually show great results. Until then, it’s all just pat on the backs for the marketing department.

Being in sales is different. Quite simply, the more you sell, the more you take home. Unless you’re in some demonic trickery of a contract with your company.

Instant gratification isn’t all that bad. Not in sales it’s not.

dollar bills

This is a great reminder if you’re feeling bummed out with your sales job, or if you just need a boost. You get the exclusive privilege of making more money as a direct result of your accomplishments without having to rely on anyone else’s decision of classifying the level of hard work.

More feel good tips for salespeople coming soon. Promise.

Originally taken from my business blog

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