Feel good as a salesperson: Your job description

A series of bite sized feel good material if you’re in sales.


This series is a pep talk of sorts; ways you can feel good about yourself being in sales. Your sales manager/boss might be too busy to appreciate your existence because the numbers are down, or what ever reason.

Here’s to feeling good about yourself if you’re in sales. When you feel good, you perform better.

Your job description

If you think about it for a second, as a salesperson, you’ve got the most uncomplicated job description. Without getting into how hard the job can be, let’s face it, you’ve got it simple; Just keep selling.

It’s a no beating around the bush kind of thing. You don’t have to deal with cyber threats, adapting to a calendar-based social media campaign, product R&D, worrying about balancing the balance sheet or stressing over how the office can be more inline with the company colors.

The time when you applied for the sales job, you must’ve read a carefully plagiarized job description with fancy abbreviations such as KPIs, KRAs and a whole list of expectations from you. It all translates to ‘sell our product and make us money.’ Pretty simple.

If that registers in your brain, the fact that you’re a lean mean selling machine, you cancel out a whole lot of background noise and get to focus on selling. It boils down to being grateful and feeling good for having this simplicity, of knowing exactly what you’re expected to do.

More feel good tips for salespeople coming soon. Promise.

Originally taken from my business blog.

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