Feel good as a salesperson: You’re the breadwinner

A series of bite sized feel good material if you’re in sales.

sales people are breadwinners

This series is a pep talk of sorts; ways you can feel good about yourself being in sales. Your sales manager/boss might be too busy to appreciate your existence because the numbers are down, or what ever reason.

Here’s to feeling good about yourself if you’re in sales. When you feel good, you perform better.

You’re the breadwinner

The purpose of any enterprise is to provide a product or a service, and generate revenue. That is the essence of business.

Chances are, you’re spending at least half the time, if not more, at your workplace; Let’s call it your second home. You as a salesperson, have the noble duty of putting the food on the table. All the other departments in the company are vital too, because a successful business always functions as a closely knit family, but, you’re the foot soldier here; On the front line.

Remind yourself that you’re so very important for this family to function properly. Even though the family members can give you a hard time, at the end of the day, you have to care, and you have to put food on the table. This can give you the boost of self importance and a giant sense of responsibility.

Feel good about yourself; you’re important. There’s a lot riding on you.

More feel good tips for salespeople coming soon. Promise.

Originally taken from my business blog.

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