Real Estate As A Launchpad To Opportunity

Real estate, particularly in Dubai over the last 11 years or so, has been a fate changer for many. It is undoubtedly one of the most vital parts on the economic backbone, so without going into the ups and downs, let’s appreciate the scale of its importance.

As a disclaimer, what is about to follow, must not be taken as being demeaning of real estate, and the respectable people working in the industry, in any way what so ever.

Amidst all the job scare and security, it is unquestionably noticeable that real estate brokerage firms are hiring. So are other industries ( shaky voice, barley audible ) , but the tenacity of real estate companies throughout the year is some what praise worthy. I often speak to young people who are not from a real estate background and are seeking opportunities. Those people include fresh graduates too, who are facing non-clarity in terms of direction. One would be lucky to land that head of marketing department job at that big company just after graduation, or with less experience. And good luck with standing out among 600 applicants. Not being too cynical here, this is a blog about commercial optimism, so it gets better.

Stop wasting time, get into real estate.

The opportunity to work as a real estate broker comes around much easier, since there are too many firms operating here, for better or worse. Additionally, most of these companies pay close to nothing up to, well, close to something basic salaries plus commissions, which is definitely one of the reasons real estate jobs arise quite often. One does not require ‘technical’ skills, let’s be honest with ourselves here. Just a go getter mentality and you’re good. So you might become quite a sales person, that top closer, in love with your job, suddenly your Human Resource Management degree does not mean so much to you and there’s no business like the real estate business in your newly formed opinion. Good for you.

Another perspective is that you can use this real estate agent job opportunity as a launch pad to other career endeavors, and here are 4 ways how you can catapult off to other opportunities while working in real estate.

Set a specific time based goal

Give yourself a well defined time frame for your goals. Setting a time frame keeps your priorities front and center. Let’s say you’re passionate about smartphone apps, but it just so happens you do not know how to code. What you have right now is a real estate job, so you give yourself a specific time frame with a specified goal. For example, you give yourself 2 years to learn code for only 90 minutes, every single day. The clearer you define your goal and time, the better you would do at code, and your real estate day job. That’s because you know exactly what you want after 2 years, and what you are going to do within those 2 years.

Hands on experience

This is immensely relevant to young, start-of-their-career job seekers. Fresh out the university, stumbling upon job descriptions asking for nothing less than 5 years of experience. It’s just too common a sight. Instead of waiting for months finding that dream job, followed by the period of ‘I would do any job in my field’ period, assign value to your time and try working in real estate. It counts as the much needed experience in your CV, and you could even possibly be making more than you would in any first job.

Infiltrate by skills

Once you’re in real estate, you get a shot to prove your real expertise to the management which might have been sidelined when they hired you, because at that time, they only saw you as a well spoken, slick salesman that they needed. Picture an enthusiastic graphic designer turned real estate broker. The whole freelancer online market places where he worked wasn’t cutting it, so now, he get’s into a real estate brokerage firm. He can demonstrate his skills by editing the photos used for the company’s online advertisements, or contribute to the social media campaigns. So one does get chances, and other opportunities based on their primary skills and interests while working in real estate.

Work on your business plan

If you’re entrepreneurial in nature and you’re passionate about something other than real estate, start working on developing a great business plan for yourself. In the real estate business, when it rains, it pours. To avoid wasting time and being confused, when that big pay day comes, you would know what to do if you have a business plan. The reason why making a business plan is on the list is because if you do not know what to do with your money (real estate being a way to get lots of this) you’re eliminating opportunities.

Meet people, network

One thing that is almost definite, is the fact that you will meet a substantial number of people. Buyers, sellers, prospective tenants, dreamers, the list goes on. Being exposed to people in real estate gives the person a chance to create professional relationships which could propel the individual to other opportunities. A client impressed with your service as a real estate broker offering you a job that you wanted, or an investor who trusts you enough to partner with you in a new venture (Your ready business plan would work wonders here)

Conclusively, reiterating the disclaimer, this is not intended to devalue the career choices of real estate professionals. We are all transitioning differently in our lives, and real estate is a fruitful way that helps many finding themselves to be a better professional version of themselves.

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