Zaythelegend (left) and JayDee (right), the founders of GreenBox. TekMag is a subsidiary of GrenBox

Meet the Founders of GreenBox

It all started in 2014 when these two young brothers were living in their grandmother’s small 3-bedroom home with a family of six in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. Xavier Green, who is now known as Zaythelegend, had graduated from Georgia Southern University the year before with a bachelor of sciences degree in Information Technology and moved back in with his family to get on his feet until he could get into a stable career. Olijujuan Daniel, who is now knows as JayDee, had moved back in with the family before Zaythelegend’s graduation after he had decided that he no longer wanted to go down the basic college curriculum and waste time and money to do something he did no want to do. He enrolled at Full Sail University’s online Mobile Development program where he began learning how to build apps on his Mac.

Zaythelegend struggled to find a job in IT for two years after completing an internship before he graduated. To make money, he took on side jobs with his father as a plumber, worked as a summer camp counselor, and he worked for a cheap Boost Mobile retailer who paid only $6.35 per hour, and a part-time customer service rep for an insurance company. JayDee worked in custodial services at the hospital for a brief time. They even considered working in fast food to make money. Something had to change because bills had to be paid. They got tired of waiting for a life changing opportunity and decided to create one of their own.

Two years later, the brothers established GreenBox. GreenBox is a technology news company that provided technology news, reviews, and personal insights to technology that is used by the average consumer. They will also be doing interviews with influential figures in the industry. GreenBox makes technology news entertaining and relatable so that everyone can be informed and be able to understand the tech before they purchase it. The brothers are in the process of creating a technology portal, where GreenBox would be the destination where consumers would go to find out about all things related to technology.

They are starting with their YouTube channel by creating daily tech videos and soon there will be a GreenBox website for consumers to visit to check out all tech news. There are not many duos in the YouTube tech space. The brothers strive to bring a unique style to their shows that allow viewers to be informed and join in on conversation and voice their opinions by encouraging them to leave comments on the videos and interact with other viewers. Their daily tech tech news show is Tek Report Daily, providing an entertaining kick to the day’s technology news.

If you want to check it out and be part of the techie community click the link below to subscribe!

An episode of Tek Report Daily, GreenBox’s daily tech news show
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