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Round up for Mar 27, ‘17

Wamda is at it again with their startup watch. Renewables aren’t getting the love they need. And Saudi Arabia is thinking of opening up to foreign investors for entrepreneurs. More here.

An Egyptian startup wants to recycle your old laptop, or motherboard, or computer case even. These components often have useful (and sometimes precious) metals in them and recovering them only makes sense if the components don’t work any more. Dr. Weee (‘waste of electric and electronic equipment’) is an app that holds and manages the exchange of parts for money where points are rewarded based on the component score and payment is processed based on the number of points awarded. The founder, Essam Hashem, has been into recycling computer related stuff since 2006.

The Germans are crowdfunding an incubator. Not just any incubator, an incubator that was set up to absorb the entrepreneurship talents of refugees. Part of The Deutscher Integrationspreis competition, a crowdfunding campaign was launched in an attempt to make Ideas in Motion a permanent thing instead of a one off as it is so far. This might actually work.

Depending on who you ask in the Valley HQ near Tahrir, you might hear that the answer is Tunisia. Datavora, a Tunisian ecommerce big-data startup, had secured it’s first round of funding to the tune of almost half-a-million dollars. More here.

HTTPS has been around for quite some time now and most users think if the connection is encrypted, then you are good to go. Not so fast, Let’s Encrypt have been issuing SSL certificates left and right so naturally less than trustworthy entities got a hold of some. Actually a lot. 14,766 to be exact. Let’s Encrypt say all they want is the internet to be encrypted, they don’t think they should police internet content for authenticity as they believe that is a herculean task. We don’t disagree, but the URLs are a bit obvious.

When a robot makes a mistake, who is to blame? When an autonomous vehicle gets into an accident, how do you handle the insurance claim? Well, a self-driving Uber got into an accident in Arizona and we aren’t talking a fender bender. The car tipped over on its side. Nobody was seriously hurt apparently and Uber says the accident was the other guy’s fault. Details here.

Twitter has yet to make a profit. This time they are floating the idea to sell subscriptions to an “advacnced” Tweetdeck. ‘more powerful tools to help marketers, journalists, professionals, and others in our community find out what is happening in the world quicker,’ according to Andrew Tavani, a Managing Editor at The New York Times. You can check out Andrew Tavani’s tweet here.

‘Arctic sea ice appears to have reached on March 7 a record low wintertime maximum extent, according to scientists at NASA and the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado. And on the opposite side of the planet, on March 3 sea ice around Antarctica hit its lowest extent ever recorded by satellites at the end of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, a surprising turn of events after decades of moderate sea ice expansion.’ More here.

Benha to go PV? S-Energy (a Samsung spin-off) specializes in solar panel production and they signed a cooperation protocol with Benha Electronics with the goal to build a PV factory in Benha. Annual production capacity is aimed at 200MW (no details on panel efficiency). More here.

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