Things that caught our eye at CES 2017

  • Xiaomi’s newest TV is 30% thinner than an iPhone

Smart TVs have minicomputers built into them. Xiaomi decided it should make things easier for users to upgrade the “computer” cheaper than the while display. The unit come with the soundbar holding all TV connections as well as a pair of satellite speakers and a sub-woofer. And lets not forget, this thing is really thin.

  • I rocked out in Rock Band VR at CES and I liked it

If you’ve ever played ‘Rock Band’ you know the game is about being in a Rock Band, in particular the stage experience and the music. This time Harmonix has taken the experience to a new level with VR. Darrell Etherington at Techcrunch had a blast int he new Rock Band VR. More here.

  • Up close with Ford’s new autonomous development Fusion Hybrid car

Fusion Hybrid prototype new with less bulky looking LiDAR sensors up front on the A pillar and the rest of the cameras are cleverly hidden inside roof rails. All this so as not to have obnoxious looking hardware as is currently being used with autonomous vehicles from non-electric car manufacturers (i.e. not Tesla).

  • AMD declares Ryzen will be a four-year architecture, details overclocking plans, emphasizes hard launch

AMD recently released its Ryzen chip late last year and couldn’t miss CES to add to its roll out. According to AMD is seems they are really putting their backs into Ryzen as they expect to be able to improve on it cycle after cycle with big improvements rather than tiny changes over time. Add to that Intel seems to have a hiccup in their ‘tick-tock’ strategy currently. The Ryzen chips have shown great promise for the company in the demos shown last year, lets hope we can have a decent alternative to Intel’s dominance.

  • LG threatens to put Wi-Fi in every appliance it introduces in 2017

1080p 29 inch touchscreen on the door, camera inside. You can see whats in your fridge without opening it. I guess connecting to it while at the grocery store might be of convenience but, c’mon. Alexa added too.

  • First Brexit, then Trump, and now, behold the smart hairbrush

Yes! IoT maddness! This brush has microphones to listen to your hair brushing, an accelerometer, Bluetooth and WiFi! It gets paired to an iOS or Android app. More here.

  • ChargePoint ups the fast charging ante

Chargepoint is announcing ultra-fast DC Charging at 400kW called Express Plus. The aim is the new Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Volt while obviously giving charge to other models depending on support.

  • ShapeScale visualizes your body fitness with its simple 3D body scans

‘Do I look fat?’ You can track weight by number by standing on a scale but how about a 3D scan as well to track where the weight has gone/been put on? Shape will do that. Clever.

  • Nvidia hits prime time at CES this year

Nvidia is digging deep into GPU and alternative computing hardware in a big way with two key terms backing it up, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. With a stock price riding really high at the time of this writing, there is a lot of promise from Nvidia. Highlights of Nvidia’s event could be found here.

  • Here’s what it’s like to drive with Toyota’s Yui AI in-car assistant

Toyota is working on an in-car assistant. This AI wants to get to know you as well where it will give destinations and navigation through routes that it would deem “happy” depending on what it knows about the driver.

  • Smart canes and wheelchairs among tech empowering the disabled at CES

“Amid the confusion of smart showerheads and selfie drones at CES this year, a handful of companies are working to serve the needs of populations that are frequently overlooked by the proprietors of high tech. You won’t find these devices in every home, but homes with someone disabled by age or misfortune will welcome them more than a new voice-powered fridge.” More here.

  • HP at CES: More sleek new laptops and a huge curved all-in-one

The HP camp has made a few impressive decisions with their laptop/notebook line. The decided to go the opposite of thin and light (but only marginally) for better battery life. For all-in-one units, the curved screen is all the rage these days. The hardware in all these products look very promising. The designs look elegant too.

  • EDGE Memory reveals huge SSD fleet at CES 2017

2TB, M.2 NVMe, 2.5GB/sec read and 1.1GB/sec write. Need more?

  • GoPro wants the moments you capture on the internet instantly

Snapchat allows users to instantly upload photos and videos to the internet. Snapchat introduced Spectacles, wearable tech for Snapchat. GoPro doesn’t want to fell left out so they are working on functions and software to speed the editing process to give much shorter sharing latency.

  • LiquidSky turns any device into a gaming PC for free

Nvidia has Geforce Now, which is a game streaming service. What does that do? Simply you play a game on a fast PC, over the internet. LiquidSky offers the same but with different subscription options including free.

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