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8 Top Mini Games To Play Online For Free In Browser “ Tekraze

There was a time when there was a craze of mini games running with flash players in the system and they were fun to play. Games were small with a limited character or map-like racing, stunt, action, hitting, and more. The games have somewhere lost after the arrival of big games like GTA and assassins creed which provide more functions and are better. But all these games have become competitive and have lost the spirit of having just fun.

So, here to bring back memories, we will list you some of the top mini games we found while surfing over the internet. So, let’s have a look at the list of top mini games to play online which we curated for you all. The mini games range from simple to advance and will keep you engaged.

1. Teen Titans Go Jump Jousts

Teen titans go jump jousts game

It is a very interesting game where you play as teen titans characters and you need to defeat another player. It is versus computer as well versus player both modes available. It is very fun gameplay as you can use different character powers to hit another opponent.

On successive hits, you get a powerful hit. if you are a teen titan go fan, play this.

2. What’s Your Loud House Halloween Costume

clown house game

This is a simple quiz where you select Halloween items like clowns, candies, pumpkin faces style, and more to know what type of clown you are. You can play this quiz game with your kids and have fun at home.

3. Ben 10 Race Against Time Savage Pursuit

This is a side scroller action game from the popular ben 10 animation series which we all love. Here you need to complete missions and you can keep ben or change to any four heroes available. But the time keeps on consuming so you revert back to ben. Choose wisely and play this awesome side scroller game while beating some aliens.

You can also find more ben 10 related games on the site.


Here is a game from marvel which is a modified version of the classic brick breaker game where you break bricks by ball and you need to catch the ball on your platform and reuse it. Here the bricks are venom and the platform is spiderman throwing and bouncing the ball back to break bricks. It is a nice game to play and have fun with kids. Show kids how the game used to be in your time.

5. Mini Royale

MiniRoyale is an FPS top mini game with battle royale gameplay online in the browser! This game enables you to play with 8 other people where you can pick one side. You can either join Bravo or the alpha team and play for your team.

You can choose from different modes between team deathmatch, battle royale, or capture mode. You can play as a guest or sign up to save progress. You can enjoy battle royale without installing, so try and have fun without waiting.

6. Ev.io

This is also a first-person shooter game with a more alien approach like the Halo game where we do have armors and aliens with modern guns like lasers. You can also have grenades and teleportation here in this game.

Here you can play with other players online without any installation and enjoy. Do check out if you like games like Halo or Destiny.

7. Mr Bullet

This is a very simple but tricky game where you need to shoot enemies who stand still without hitting you back. The only twist is different locations of enemies standing where you need to hit accurately. It gets trickier with each level you play on. Go try if you think you are a nice shooter.

8. Hill Climb Racing

This is the web version of the popular android game hill climb racing that can you can play in a browser. You can be a driver driving a car on the curvy hills with highs and lows and challenge yourself to be a good player and test yourself. You have different levels and different cars to drive. Go drive now.


Here we have just shared some random mini games we played so no one we say is better than any. We have added games from sites like plays.org, miniclip, gameforge. We would be adding more games to the list. The order is random and we do not rank any game here. Let us know in the comments which game you like the most. Also let us know any amazing games, which can be added to this top mini games list and can be played online for free.

Feel free to share as sharing is caring. Have a happy reading, stay connected and keep coming to check out more posts like this. Thanks for the visit.

Originally published at https://tekraze.com on August 29, 2021.



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