How IoT and AI Innovations can Transform Gas Stations.

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3 min readSep 5, 2019


Anyone who has ever driven into a gas station has most definitely noticed the complex orchestration and moving parts that this business involves. Truly, this is no easy business to run. And if you run a gas station, hats off to you!

Here are some of the biggest challenges for owners and managers of these businesses

1.Profit margins are small.

2.Need to keep operations highly efficient.

3.Inventory management is hard and it is done manually.

4.Have to provide highest level of customer experiences or you could lose out.

5.Need to ensure employee safety.

6.Need to minimize environmental impact.

7.And Alas! Accidents do occur, and a typical Environment Monitoring System customer is likely to incur annual costs of AU$15 million (US$12.13 million) for cleaning up underground petrol tank leaks or vehicle fuel tank contamination.

Managing inventory manually and knowing the current status, sales, leakages, overfills, deliveries is a massive challenge. And doing this in an efficient manner while providing great customer experience even more so.

Introducing GasGenie

Here are features of GasGenie:

1.IoT Sensors track underground tanks and pumps.

2.Computer Vision enabled cameras that can track vehicles (registration plates).

3.Collects all the data on the cloud.

4.Provides Dashboard with views on individual Gas Station or Aggregate.

5. Near real time alerts based on various rules defined by the customer.

6. Customer Information is processed for instance how often a customer with number plate ‘XYZ-123’ comes in, how much time and money he spends at the gas station.

Here is what the architecture for GasGenie looks like

The Magic of GasGenie

1.IoT Sensors are collecting data every 30 seconds!

2.Tracks how much petrol is being sold.

3.Tracks how much is in the underground storage tanks.

4.Tracks pressure inside the hoses connecting the petrol pumps to the automobiles.

5.Tracks temperature & pressure inside the underground tanks.

6.Computer Vision enabled cameras which tracks the registration plate number of vehicles, duration of time spent and connecting registration plate number with Point of Sales for more interesting analytics.

How will your business gain from this?

1.Minimize costs due to accidents as you will be able to detect this really early. Customers lose ~$10m annually on such incidents.

2.Increase efficiency on deliveries, plan better and get better margins.

3.Gaining massive customer knowledge in a seamless manner so you can run promotions/loyalty discounts to your customers.

With GasGenie customers can manage their petrol stations proactively rather than reactively — gaining a complete picture of station gas performance to dramatically improve efficiencies and detect fuel leaks early to minimize environmental impacts.

This is a win-win for gas station owners, customers and also for the environment.

Book a strategy session here to learn more about GasGenie or if you would like a custom build for your gas station. Do you see other uses for the technology we build? We would love to hear from you as well.



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