Teky.Me : Launching Machine Intelligence Community

Teky.Me is a community of techies. Here you can find everything about a technology at one place. We aggregate technology resources and organize them in appropriate categories.

Today we are launching Teky.Me. We are starting with machine intelligence community where you can find resources on machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, reinforcement learning and natural language processing. You can also connect with people working on these technologies.

I’ve had a bunch of questions asked about Teky.Me, so I wanted to answer the most common ones here for you.

Why are you even doing this?

Here’s why I created Teky.Me :

1. Technology is My Passion :
I genuinely love learning about machine intelligence and building intelligent systems that make an impact on the world. On a basic level, I’m really proud to have founded Teky.Me. It’s just a stepping stone, every day it opens up my eyes to some of the best technological advancements.

2. Empower People To Learn Technology :
I started Teky.Me to share my excitement about Machine Intelligence. I am still learning myself, but I found that learning with other passionate people is the best way to deepen my own understanding. It took me almost a year of to learn about machine intelligence subjects and put them in good use and still no-where close to expertise. I wish there was a site like this when I got started a year back. I would love to see other people learn, relearn and use technology to solve all kinds of problems.

Who should join the community?

I’ve created Teky.Me to benefit all kinds of people in tech. It doesn’t matter what is your role, where you are geographically or even what type of technology you use. Teky is for people who either already using machine intelligence to solve problems or who are seriously considering it. If you consider yourself a techie, or want to be one, then Teky.Me is for you.

I’d love to have you on board. I hope you’ll consider joining the community.

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